Thursday, March 31

♪ PINK is my new obsession! ♫

Ok, so it's not a new obsession. Pink has actually been my favorite colour since I was a little girl! Today's look was simply inspired by my favorite colour. Simple. Sweet. PINK!

Create This Look!:
On the inner corner of my eye lids, I applied a very light pink (9). Then using a darker pink (16), I applied it all over my lid, blending into the light pink. I carried this same darker pink (16) to line my lower lashline. I then took red (87) and blended it in to the outer V-shape of my lids, slightly blending up and blending along my crease. I lined my upper and lower lashlines with a smokey gray liner. Again, I used CGLBF and MF mascara. On my cheeks I used a Cover Girl rose colour blush and finished off the look with glossy lips!

I'm really hoping to be able to start doing tutorials soon. I need to figure out a good set up and then find the time to do them. This house can be a little hectic with two little girls running/crawling around! :P

Random talk! Has anyone else been following American Idol? I'm not at all surprised with who was voted off this evening. My top 3 definitely have to be Jacob, Lauren, and Thia! :)

XO Doll

Wednesday, March 30


Behind me I can hear one of our cats (Romeo) and our dog (Chewy) snoring. Oh, to be able to sleep anywhere, anytime! I had some blogging buddies this evening! :)

Chewy, Binou, and Yellowtail <3 (Haha!)

<-- I'm texting Michelle! Haha.

<-- Snuggles for Chew-Dawgy-Dawg!

<-- Kisses from Binou (Beans!)

Today's Look: Citrus!
I realize this looks a lot like my "St.Patty's Day" looks, but it isn't. The lime green didn't show as well as I had hoped.

Create This Look!:
Using yellow (7), I applied the colour to the inner 1/3 of my lid. I then took lime green (53) and applied that to the middle 1/3 of my lid. I took dark green (48) and applied that to the outer 1/3 of my lid. I took this same dark green and lightly blended it along my crease. I did the same (1/3 of each colour) under my eye. For my highlight I mixed a pale yellow (3) with a beige-yellow (5). I used a green eyeliner on the top and bottom lashlines. For mascara I paired CGLBF with MF.

On my cheeks I used an orange-ish colour of blush (3) and highlighted with a light pink (6). On my lips, as per usual, I used a clear gloss. I'm really an avid fan of neutral lips! :) Maybe I should break out of my box one of these days, hehe.

I just wanted to throw it out there, that my girls are absolutely adorable! <3

<-- Mommy & Korah <3 My mini-me.

Adorable Doodle-Bug grin! :)                      -->

I am one lucky Mama <3

XO Doll

Tuesday, March 29

A Little Bit Of Purple!

I did an easy look yesterday. I was still feeling pretty under the weather (I still am today, too.) I love purple eyeshadow so I did an easy purple look. The pictures aren't the greatest, so I apologize!

I absolutely <3 purple with brown eyes. Just sayin'! :P

Create This Look!:
I applied white (1) all over my lids. I then took purple (31) and following the natural V-shape of the outer corner of my eye, I started applying in a circular motion, as well as a sweeping motion. I blended the purple slightly along the crease. I carried this same purple to line my lower lashline. I used black liner on top and bottom and re-lined with the same purple. Cover Girl Lashblast Fusion and Maybelline's the Falsies for mascara.

I used a bubblegum pink blush (1) on my cheeks. Neutral gloss and I was done! :)

I spy with my little eye(s) ..................................................

A collage of eyes! Haha.
XO Doll

Sunday, March 27

Hello, Head Cold!

Sniffle. Sniffle. I woke up yesterday morning and my throat felt off. This morning I had a full blown cold. Ugh. We went to I.F. for our niece's birthday party today. It was a lot of fun! The girls had a good time. Mommy had some cake!

I wore the shirt I bought from Value Village today (yaaaay!)

<-- My outfit of the day! I ended up sporting a different brown (slouchy) boot with a bit of a smaller heel. I know the shirt is a little ... LOUD. But I like it! :D

Today's makeup I did orange and smoked it out with black!

I started with red (87) (as a base) all over my lids. Applying the red before the orange just helps the orange stand out a little more. Over top of the red, I then applied the orange (15) to my lids and blended slightly along the crease. I took black (88), and in a circular motion I applied it to the outer V-shape of my eye. I ever so slightly blended the black along the crease. I took this same black and carried it to my lower lashline, where I then did a thin line of yellow (7) under the black. I used white (1) for my highlight. I lined the top and bottom lashlines with black liner and smudged it with my liner brush to get a more smokey effect. On my cheeks I used my Jordana Sunlit Bronze blush and did a neutral lip.

I picked up an e.l.f. eyeshadow brush from (get this!) Dollarama on Friday night! I used it today to apply the red and orange and I really like it! I'm hoping to get a whole new brush set sooner than later, but hey - i'll take it!

I hope you enjoyed this look.
Follow. Comment. Let me know what looks you would like to see! :)

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Saturday, March 26

Smokey Brown.

I'm going to get all sappy for a second here. When I sit back and think about my life, I feel so blessed and so lucky to have such wonderful people surrounding me daily. My husband and my children; they are my life, my soul. My family helped shape me into the woman I am today and I love them. They are always there for us when we need them and they are always willing to lend a helping hand. My friends are absolutely amazing and I don't quite know what I would do without them. Each and every one of them has impacted my life in some way. A lot of our friends are more like family to us (friends are the family we choose!) A special note to my bestie, Michelle. Over the few years that we've been best friends (it feels like we've known each other for life!) she's really helped me overcome some of my self-doubt and encouraged me to try new things. Like this blog for instance. The whole reason I started experimenting with makeup is because she said to me "you can do it!" She's the reason I decided to take the plunge and share my blog with the world. She's always encouraging me to be me and own it! So, Michelle, thank you for being such a great friend and for encouraging me to be my creative self! I love youuuuuu. <3

Alright, now that I got that out of my system! :P Haha. Fun news of the day! Leighton has only been full on crawling for a week and she's already pulling herself into a standing position on her toys! WAAAAAH! It's so awesome to watch her learn and explore. I have to say, though, I am now ten times busier then I was a little over a week ago! Haha. "Leighton, don't play with the speakers! Leighton, you can't touch the animals water dish! Leighton, watch your head on the kitchen cupboards! Leighton, quit playing with the curtains!" Haha, it was only 2 and a half years ago when Korah entered this stage but I don't remember it. Lots of fun! :D
Todays Look: Smoke On the ... Eye!
I decided to do a very neutral, brown smokey eye! Like I said, it's VERY neutral.
This look is super easy. It's perfect for everyday wear if you're not in to crazy bright colours! I took beige (76) and applied that to my entire lid. I also applied it to the inner corners of my eyes. I then took brown (35) and following the natural V-shape of the outer corner of my eye, I started applying in circular motions blending along my crease. I used another beige (not in this palette) for my highlight. I then lined my upper and lower lashlines with brown liner. Today I used my Double Extend (with gold shimmer!) and The Falsies for mascara. On my cheeks I used a rose colour by Cover Girl and on my lips I used a tinted red gloss. Simple and easy! To glam this look up you can swap the beige for silver, brown for black, and add a POP of colour lipstick (like bright bright red!)

It's been a week since I started using the Jordana Eye Primer that I bought from Cherry Culture (for $1.99!) I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it! It neutralizes the entire eye area, doesn't crease, and keeps my shadow/colour in place all day long! For $1.99 you absolutely cannot go wrong!

<-- This is my eye before the primer. I know, i've got lovely veiny skin! :P Not to mention my freckles (which, don't get me wrong, I love'em. Proud to be a natural red head!)

<-- This is my eye after I applied the primer. Of course you can still see the veins peeking through slightly, but it definitey works to neutralize the eye area!

I had mentioned in a previous post about my disappointment with the Amuse eyeliner. I have now used the pink as well as the brown, and they aren't all too bad! Still a little tricky to apply (it would be nice if they went on a little bit smoother) but they do work! Michelle gave me a tip to try: warming up the tip of the liner with a blowdryer or with your breath! I used my breath today and it seemed to work! I am going to add that to my tips page! :)

Friday, March 25

Yellow, Blue, CAT!

Updated [Tips!] page! I also updated my "About Me" page a couple of days ago. Go check it out! :)

I really like using yellow lately, so today I decided to pair yellow and blue. There's no real reason as to why, I just felt like it! :P Today was a little bit of a stressful one. My frikkin' straightner blew up! For real. I plugged it in and heard a zapping-POP sound, and then it stated smoking! I'm not too impressed, I must say. Thankfully I have some oldies on hand 'just in case'. This is definitely a just in case moment! :P I ended my day wonderfully with Michelle and a glass (or two) of wine. :) I have to admit, a nice glass of (ice) wine really helps me relax some days!

Here's today's look. We went to the mall this evening and when we were there I realized my makeup matched my sunglasses and the sweater I was wearing. Haha, totally unintentional, but funny none the less!

I started by applying yellow (7) to 3/4 of my eyelid. I carried the same yellow to the bottom inner 3/4 of my lower lashline. Then, taking blue (72), I started blending slightly into the yellow and along the crease, slightly blending up/out to blend any harsh lines. I took this same blue and applied it to the outer corner of my lower lashline and blended it inwards. I used a smokey gray eyeliner for both upper and lower lashes. I paired my Cover Girl Lashblast Fusion with The Falsies for my lashes. On my cheeks I used my Jordana blush in Sunlit Bronze and (of course) used a clear gloss on my lips! (I'm a fan on the clear gloss, can you tell? Haha.)
As I was taking photos for my "The Look Collage" Soot-Minou decided he wanted some cuddles. So, naturally, I took some photos! :P

Haha, he's so funny. We always call him our parrot-minou because he loves being on our shoulder(s)/wrapped around our necks. And he's little! :)

I hope you enjoy this look! I know I really liked it! I apologize if there are any spelling mistakes, etc. in this post. It's late and i'm tired. And I mean, i've had a glass or two of wine, haha. :P

XO Doll

Thursday, March 24

Stoves and Rugs, Rugs and Stoves!

I mentioned in another post that we were getting a huge area rug and a new stove (I also mentioned how lame I was for being excited about it, haha). Well, they arrived yesterday and yaaaaaaay! I'm loving the area rug. It fills in the space (we have a large living room!) especially since we brought our coffee table downstairs for the time being, to minimize Leighton getting hurt now that she's crawling. :P

The new area rug! It was difficult trying to get a full photo of it since it's so big! It compliments the colours and other furniture in the room. The kids love it. The animals love it. We love it. Everybody wins! Haha.

It looks like a stove. It acts like a stove. It IS a stove! Haha. It's actually a really nice stove, as far as stoves go. :P My husband was extremely excited about it, especially about the 'warming zone'. "Oooooooh. Aaaaaaaah." We tested it out last night and it does have some pretty nifty features. But, it is still just a stove, haha.

Kid Talk!

Korah says to Curtis last night: "I lost my Daddy."
Curtis: "What do you mean you lost your Daddy?"
Korah: "I lost my Daddy 'cause he's at work."

Aww, poor kid. She's always so sad when Daddy heads out the door in the morning (if she's already out of bed). If he's gone before she wakes up the very first thing she says to me when she gets out of bed is "where's my Daddy?" As soon as Curtis walks through the door in the evening she's demanding him to change out of his dress clothes. When he's in his dress clothes it equals leaving for work. When he's in his jeans/shorts/pajamas it equals him being home for the day/night. It's sweet how much she loves her Daddy!

XO Doll

What's YOUR Inspiration?

Korah was wearing a top yesterday that inspired me for today's look!

<-- The colours are pretty and fresh! Perfect for Spring/Easter! :)

The Look:
Shall we explain the look? Yes, yes we shall! :)
I mixed two pinks together (10 & 19) and applied that to the inner corners of my eyes. I then used yellow (4) and applied that to the middle of my lids, blending it with the pink. I took green (44) and applied it to the remainder of my lids, blending it with the yellow. I used this same green and blended it along my crease, slightly blending upwards to get rid of any harsh lines. I used another pink (13) and applied that colour to my lower lashline. For my highlight I mixed white and pale yellow (1 & 2). I lined my upper lashline with metallic pink liner and my lower lashline with black. Using my Amuse and Falsies mascara I pumped up my lashes.

For my cheeks I used a bubble gum pink (1) and then just added a clear gloss to my lips.

I never go into detail about my foundation application. The reason being, it changes from day-to-day. Sometimes i'll use my Cover Girl Ultimite Finish Liquid Powder foundation all over my face. Other days i'll use my Cover Girl Clean Makeup foundation all over my face, and use my Liquid Powder to brighten under my eyes. Before I apply my foundation, I sometimes use my Lise Watier Concealer wheel to 'correct' anything from redness under my eyes to blemishes on my face. It all depends on my mood that day and how my skin is cooperating! :P I *always* set my foundation with a powder all over my face. I also *always* apply my eye makeup (eyeshadow, liner, mascara) before applying my concealer/foundation.

In order, this is how I apply my makeup:
1- Eyeshadow primer.
2- Eyeshadow look of the day.
3- Eyeliner.
4- Mascara.
5- Concealer/foundation.
6- Powder.
7- Blush.
8- Fill in brows.
9- Gloss, gloss, gloss!

It's a lot of fun, finding inspiration for my makeup looks randomly. A lot of my inspiration comes from tutorials i've seen, but other times it comes from random things I see (ie. my Donut Blend look). If we look around, there is inspiration to be found everywhere! :)

XO Doll

Wednesday, March 23

All That Glitters!

Sparkle sparkle!

I put my glitter pigments to use today and created a pretty purple glittery look! I used eyelash glue for the glitter to stick. I'll be honest, because of the eyelash glue my eyelids feel weird. Hopefully i'll figure out an alternative!

This look would be great for a night out dancing (also for New Years!) I'm excited to work with the other colours and make more glitter-ific looks (haha, i'm so lame!)

For this look I used purple (27) all over my lid and slightly blended up. I used this same colour to line under my eye. I then blended navy blue (29) into the crease. I also carried the blue under my eye, starting from the outer corner and blending inwards. I then used a silver (82) on the inner corners. For my highlight shade I used a light yellow (2). I used a smokey gray eyeliner on both upper and lower lashlines. I used Cover Girl's Lashblast Fusion and Maybelline's the Falsies for mascara. I dabbed eyelash glue all over my lid with my finger tip (one lid at a time) and applied the glitter with a small paint brush (I don't want to get my makeup brushes full of glitter!) I used a tiny bit of Lise Watier's purple glitter liner on the outer lower corner of my eyes and also lined my upper lashline with it (to add a little more sparkle! :P)
For the rest of my face I used my Jordana Sunlit Bronze blush and my La Senza clear/glitter lipgloss.

XO Doll

Tuesday, March 22

Funny Of the Day!

My husband says to Korah this morning: "You're so demanding."
Korah says to her Daddy: "I'm not demanding." *pointing at herself* "I'm Korah!"

Haha, kids are the best!

This post has nothing to do with makeup (we managed to get Leighton in to see the doctor last minute this morning so I didn't do anything spectacular makeup wise today), but I wanted to share!

Leighton is now a crawling machine! Over the weekend, while she was at Grandpapa's, she decided she would start crawling. So, up went the baby gate! It's adorable, watching her crawl around the house, chasing and giggling after Korah.

I updated my About Me page, so check it out!

Fun fun: We are getting our new stove and a huuuuuge area rug tomorrow! I will post pictures tomorrow! I know, sad, but i'm excited! Haha.

XO Doll

Monday, March 21

Cherry Culture Is Here!

Michelle and I got our Cherry Culture package in today, yaaaaaaaaay! We were both SO excited! After quickly unpacking all of our goodies we started swatching our purchases, and I must say I was very impressed! Amazing quality for cheap, cheap, cheap!

Here are the swatches I did! :)

1. Jordana Powder Blush in Sunlit Bronze
2. NYX Glitter Powder (Purple)
3. L.A. Girl Endless Eyeliner in Aqua
4. Jordana Easy Liner in Smokey
5.Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Silver Blue
6. Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Metallic Green
7. Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Metallic Pink
8. Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Dark Brown
9. Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Sky Teal

In the NYX Glitter Powder (asides from the colour shown above) I got Blue, Apple, Pink, Gold, and Silver. I also got Jordana Eye Primer as well as Amuse Extension Mascara. I'm going to test both of those products out tonight and I will do a review letting you know how well it works and how well it holds up!
My Goodies! :)

Review Time.
Jordana Blush: I ended up using this blush all weekend! The colour is awesome and it stayed on all evening!

NYX Glitter Powder: I used a little bit of blue on Friday night and I used gold on Saturday night. I LOVE it. I applied it over top of eyelash glue and it stayed put! I can't wait to do a full look with this product!

Jordana Easyliner in Smokey: I wore this Friday and i'm actually wearing it today too (Monday)! I absolutely love it! It glides on nice and I love the gray colour.

Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Silver Blue: I was very disappointed with this eyeliner. While it swatched amazingly on my hand, it was really hard to apply as actual liner. I tried dulling it, but that didn't help. In order to get the colour on to my lashline I had to practically scratch it on my eyelid. It wasn't comfortable to do. It applied a little better to my lower lashline, but still not a huge fan. I'll have to try the other colours and see if they apply better. Meh, atleast they were less than a dollar!

Jordana Eye Primer: I found it worked well! It's a little thicker then the primer i'm use to, but it gave my eye the same all over colour (beige), it didn't crease and my eyeshadow stayed put! Steal of a deal for $1.99!

Amuse Extention Mascara: I like this mascara! It seperates your lashes nicely so they don't end up clumpy. It also adds a little length. I still paired it with my Falsies (I need'em THICK, haha) but it works well for the $3 I paid for it!

A few more photos of my goodies! :)

I transferred my glitter pigments into these jars for easier access with my brushes. Sparkle on! :)

Mascara and eyeliners, oh my!

Blush! Not the colour I have (my picture didn't turn out good). I really like it though! Apparently you can find this brand in dollar stores.

XO Doll

ShamROCK the House!

Wow, what a weekend! The kids spent the weekend with their Grandpapa and Tante, which gave Mommy and Daddy a night to ourselves. We went out for supper and it was fun having a little 'date night'. As always, I took pictures of my 'date night' look :)

My makeup for the night :)
 Outfit of the day: I rocked the VV finds! I sported my little cardi with my jeans. I wore a black tank top, red belt, white pointy toed heels, the perfect casual date night outfit!

Saturday night we sham-ROCKED the house! Michelle and I got ready and then headed to a friends house before we went to a stag and doe. Did we ever have a good time! We danced and danced and danced. Then we headed to the club to dance some more. When we got back to our place, my husband still had a bunch of people over (they were playing poker) so the party carried on late into the morning. It's definitely not something we do often, but it was a good time (until Sunday afternoon rolled around, haha.)

The stag and doe was St.Patty's Day themed :)

I did the same look as I did on St.Patty's Day, only I added gold glitter on the upper lashline and used green eyeliner! I thought it turned out great!

Outfit of the night: I wore a lime green dress that I bought at Forever 21 the last time we were in Toronto. I've never worn it, and since it was green it worked perfect for the St.Patty's Day theme! :) Not bad for under $30! I wore one of my favorite pairs of shoes (gold and glittery!)

All in all, it was a great weekend! I still need to catch up on some sleep though :P

Ooh, I forgot to mention the coats we bought for Korah and Leighton on Friday evening! They are the cutest thing(s) ever! Everyone who knows me knows I love leopard print. Alas, leopard print rain/spring coats for the girls!!!

The coats! We got pink splash pants to go with them. The store (Please Mum) was 50% off so we got a great deal on them! On our entire purchase, we saved almost $100! Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

XO Doll

Thursday, March 17

V-V-V-Value Village!

Holy blog post day! I've been slacking for the past few days with posting (i've been writting and saving, haha).

My best friend (Michelle) and I hit up Value Village on Tuesday afternoon. Usually i'm in and out of there quickly, not finding anything spectacular or I simply don't have time to actually look around. We had no kids with us, and all of the time in the world to browse through the bajillion racks or clothing. We pulled a couple of hilariously UGLY things to try on for fun, but amongst the silly stuff I actually found a few things!

My Value Village Finds

Top Left: A cute and vintage cardigan that hits me just above the waistline. It will look great paired with a long shirt, jeans, and heels! $6.99.
Top Right: JEANS! I always have a hard time finding jeans that are the right size in the waist AND length. Well, for $7.99 I found a pair! They fit perfectly and they are long enough to wear with a pair of heels (yay!) They look pretty well brand new and are from Dynamite.
Bottom Left: I know, I know. It kind of reminds me of Grandma's couch. But, for $2.99 I had to have the purse!
Bottom Right
: I'm not even sure what to call this shirt. All I know is it looks great with a belt, skinny jeans, and heeled boots. SOLD for $3.99! :)

My Mom always finds cool stuff at VV when she goes, and this time I did too! I guess when I do go there i'll just have to look a little harder! :P

XO Doll

Mardi Gras Contest!

I did my first look/entry on Saturday night while my husband was playing poker online. I had absolutely NO clue what I was doing! I just thought "lots of fun colours and shapes!" So, here is my first entry for the Mardi Gras theme.

I know, a little ... strange. But I had fun while doing it. For my second entry (if I get the time to do it) I want to just do a mask. Maybe pick up some jewel like stickers to put on ma'face. I am thinking pink and purple or something along the lines of. I want something very feminine. Hopefully I get the chance for my second entry.

Here's a closer photo of the look.
I look a little scary, haha. Might I add that it was a nightmare washing this off of my face? Yeah, it was. Haha.

I was going to wait and post this after I did look number two, but I truly don't know if i'll have time to do a second look. Some of the looks entered in the contest are AMAZING. Ah well, I had fun with it! :)

XO Doll

Hair Dye Time!

So, here I go again, dying my hair. I need to learn to LEAVE IT ALONE, haha. Yeah, not possible. The box dye that I tried to cover my red hair and even redder roots did not work. Alas, I decided to try the Ice Cream hair dye by Inebrya to cover that red up. I bought number 4/7 brown chestnut. I'm crossing my fingers that it will work and I will once again have one all over colour! Atleast until this summer when I decided to add blonde chunks/highlights. ;)

The dye.

Before: As you can see, my hair is RED.
Note: I love the colour in this photo. Unfortinately, my hair wasn't all one colour. The top third was nice and red like this. The rest of my hair was brown from my failed attempt at covering the red.

After: My hair is DARK brown. However, not noticeable in this photo, there is STILL some red peeking through! What gives?

My makeup inspiration for yesterday (hair dye day!) was from the Timothy's Donut Blend Coffee K-Cup! I know, that sounds silly. My husband laughed at me when I said "these colours would be awesome for a makeup look!" as I was making myself a coffee. I like the way it turned out though!
Also, check out my new contacts! They are suppose to be 'gray'. I don't find they look really gray, but they certainly change the appearance of my eyes. Just to throw this out there, I love my brownish-red eye colour. But a little change once in a while never hurt anybody. :)
The Inspiration:

The Look:

Not something I would do every day, but I liked it! For this I used an orange (I tried matching the colours to the K-Cup with the colours in my palette as well as I could) and did the inner corner of my upper and lower eye. I blended in teal and carried it on the rest of my eye lid. I also carried the teal under my eye. I then blended pink into my crease. I mixed beige and white together for my highlight. It was easy and fun to do!
Colours used for Donut Blend highlighted in green.

XO Doll