Thursday, March 17

V-V-V-Value Village!

Holy blog post day! I've been slacking for the past few days with posting (i've been writting and saving, haha).

My best friend (Michelle) and I hit up Value Village on Tuesday afternoon. Usually i'm in and out of there quickly, not finding anything spectacular or I simply don't have time to actually look around. We had no kids with us, and all of the time in the world to browse through the bajillion racks or clothing. We pulled a couple of hilariously UGLY things to try on for fun, but amongst the silly stuff I actually found a few things!

My Value Village Finds

Top Left: A cute and vintage cardigan that hits me just above the waistline. It will look great paired with a long shirt, jeans, and heels! $6.99.
Top Right: JEANS! I always have a hard time finding jeans that are the right size in the waist AND length. Well, for $7.99 I found a pair! They fit perfectly and they are long enough to wear with a pair of heels (yay!) They look pretty well brand new and are from Dynamite.
Bottom Left: I know, I know. It kind of reminds me of Grandma's couch. But, for $2.99 I had to have the purse!
Bottom Right
: I'm not even sure what to call this shirt. All I know is it looks great with a belt, skinny jeans, and heeled boots. SOLD for $3.99! :)

My Mom always finds cool stuff at VV when she goes, and this time I did too! I guess when I do go there i'll just have to look a little harder! :P

XO Doll

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