Summer Collection 2011!

Get your short shorts, tank tops, flip flops, and sunscreen out! Summer is here! Or atleast it's on its way! :) It's only the end of May & i'm already sporting a bit of a tan (go me!) This is probably as dark as i'll get all summer (ha ha). Summer Collection 2011 will feature looks that I deem to be summery or summer inspired. I will be posting the looks & tutorials for this collection right here on this page (along with their seperate blog posts)! I hope you all enjoy! :)


Juicy Watermelon!

Ocean Wonders!

Tropical Sunset!
Pink Flamingo!
Banana Boat!
Lemonade Eyes!
Vibrant Blue & Purple Look

Mango Tango!

Summer Shimmer!
Bring Me To the Tropics!
A Tropical Look On a Rainy Day!
A Summer Sunkissed Look!

XO Doll