Friday, July 29

Day-To-Day Look: Lilac & Plum

I did a very wearable, day-to-day look using lilac & plum the other day. I ended up wearing this look to work yesterday! It's super simple to create.


One of the things I love about purple's is that it flatters ANY eye colour!
I have a couple more looks in mind that i'll hopefully be able to do a tutorial for in the near future :)

See you next time!

XO Doll

Thursday, July 28

Juicy Watermelon!

I may have lied a little, so I apologize ... I didn't get around to doing a tutorial until last night. You'll be happy to know that I filmed another one tonight, which I will work on editing tomorrow & post in the next few days :)


The look showed up a lot better in person (story of my life, huh? Haha). Maybe I should start doing these during daylight so I can get better pictures. IDK. I hope you all enjoy my Juicy Watermelon look & stay tuned for the look I did tonight :)

XO Doll

Saturday, July 16

So it has come to my attention that I have MAJORLY been slacking on the blog posting.
Trying to get into a new routine now that i'm back to work has been tough. I am SO tired, haha. It seems like there aren't enough hours in a day anymore. While I am enjoying being back at work (adult conversation & a pay check!) I miss Korah & Leighton lots, lots lots.

On the makeup front, I am hoping to do a new tutorial as early as this evening. I just never have the time to do them anymore. :( I promise I will do one SOON. I did a pretty/simple look today that I may do a tutorial for later on (using white, brown, & grey). I'm thinking another Summer Collection look is in order though :)

So, what have I been up to lately, one might ask? Well - working! Haha. Asides from working i've been spending as much time as possible with my little girls. We brought them to the midway last night (by WE I mean my two best friends & I) & the kids had a ball! Korah loved the rides; I think she'll be a ride buff like her Mommy when she grows up! One of my best friends got ENGAGED!!! I'm so happy & excited for her! Everything wedding makes me happy, especially when it's one of my best friends! And I'M GOING TO BE A BRIDESMAID! Haha, she's going to get so sick of hearing that. Another best friend of mine had a baby [girl] a couple of weeks ago! I get to meet her next weekend & I am SO excited!

Leighton's first Birthday has come & gone. A week after she turned 1 she started walking! Now she's [running] everywhere! She definitely keeps us busy. Korah amazes me each & every day with the things she does/says. We have two little smart cookies on our hands!

Speaking of next weekend (when we get to meet Railyn for the first time <3) we are heading to Vaughan for a wedding. It's my husband's cousin's wedding & we're both really excited to see family & enjoy a weekend to ourselves. My husband helped me pick out an awesome dress to wear to the wedding (photos to follow the wedding) so I look forward to getting all dolled up & dancing the night away :D We plan to go to Wonderland on Sunday (depending on how we feel after the previous nights festivities, haha). I haven't been to Wonderland in 4 years! I am so excited :D

So there's a little life update, what i've been up to lately. I will try my hardest to get a tutorial done tonight & to keep ontop of the blogging! :P

Until next time...

XO Doll

Sunday, July 3

Mermaid Inspired Look featuring GOSH!

Hello lovies!

I finally got around to doing a tutorial last night. The kids were at Grandpapa's, which gave Mommy a little "me" time. I decided to work with a trio that I bought a couple of years ago - I never really used it because I didn't know how (hehe). The colours really reminded me of a mermaid for some reason, so that's why I call this my Mermaid inspired look :) I decided to try talking throughout my entire video instead of using music. You guys will have to let me know what you think!


It's too bad it doesn't show up as well in photos as it does in person :( The lime green looks yellow & you can barely even see the turqouise. I did this look for work today & it definitely looks better in person :)

XO Doll