Sunday, July 3

Mermaid Inspired Look featuring GOSH!

Hello lovies!

I finally got around to doing a tutorial last night. The kids were at Grandpapa's, which gave Mommy a little "me" time. I decided to work with a trio that I bought a couple of years ago - I never really used it because I didn't know how (hehe). The colours really reminded me of a mermaid for some reason, so that's why I call this my Mermaid inspired look :) I decided to try talking throughout my entire video instead of using music. You guys will have to let me know what you think!


It's too bad it doesn't show up as well in photos as it does in person :( The lime green looks yellow & you can barely even see the turqouise. I did this look for work today & it definitely looks better in person :)

XO Doll

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