Saturday, July 16

So it has come to my attention that I have MAJORLY been slacking on the blog posting.
Trying to get into a new routine now that i'm back to work has been tough. I am SO tired, haha. It seems like there aren't enough hours in a day anymore. While I am enjoying being back at work (adult conversation & a pay check!) I miss Korah & Leighton lots, lots lots.

On the makeup front, I am hoping to do a new tutorial as early as this evening. I just never have the time to do them anymore. :( I promise I will do one SOON. I did a pretty/simple look today that I may do a tutorial for later on (using white, brown, & grey). I'm thinking another Summer Collection look is in order though :)

So, what have I been up to lately, one might ask? Well - working! Haha. Asides from working i've been spending as much time as possible with my little girls. We brought them to the midway last night (by WE I mean my two best friends & I) & the kids had a ball! Korah loved the rides; I think she'll be a ride buff like her Mommy when she grows up! One of my best friends got ENGAGED!!! I'm so happy & excited for her! Everything wedding makes me happy, especially when it's one of my best friends! And I'M GOING TO BE A BRIDESMAID! Haha, she's going to get so sick of hearing that. Another best friend of mine had a baby [girl] a couple of weeks ago! I get to meet her next weekend & I am SO excited!

Leighton's first Birthday has come & gone. A week after she turned 1 she started walking! Now she's [running] everywhere! She definitely keeps us busy. Korah amazes me each & every day with the things she does/says. We have two little smart cookies on our hands!

Speaking of next weekend (when we get to meet Railyn for the first time <3) we are heading to Vaughan for a wedding. It's my husband's cousin's wedding & we're both really excited to see family & enjoy a weekend to ourselves. My husband helped me pick out an awesome dress to wear to the wedding (photos to follow the wedding) so I look forward to getting all dolled up & dancing the night away :D We plan to go to Wonderland on Sunday (depending on how we feel after the previous nights festivities, haha). I haven't been to Wonderland in 4 years! I am so excited :D

So there's a little life update, what i've been up to lately. I will try my hardest to get a tutorial done tonight & to keep ontop of the blogging! :P

Until next time...

XO Doll

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