Sunday, May 29

Lemonade Eyes!

I am absolutely in love with yellow eyeshadow looks lately! Today, in keeping with the recent summer themes, I did a look that I called "Lemonade Eyes"! I'm going to do a little summer collection with fun summery looks! :) The looks may not be done consecutively, but I will post the tutorial links as well as the corresponding pictures on a seperate page titled Summer Collection 2011! :)


Is anybody else in the mood for some lemonade now? I sure am! And not the virgin kind, ha ha ha!

XO Doll

Vibrant Blue & Purple Look.

This look is REALLY bright and REALLY bold! To me, it's more of an evening look (for a night out). If you're bold enough, you could rock it during the day time too! :)


XO Doll

Saturday, May 28

Mango Tango!

Hello lovely ladies (and gents?) He he he.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend so far. It's a very gloomy day this Saturday morning. I definitely could have stayed in bed ... our youngest thought it was time to get up, though. :)

The look for this tutorial was inspired by my nailpolish colour. I bought a pretty mango/orange colour the other day (on sale!) at Walmart. The colour is by Revlon & the colour name is "Mad About Mango". Like I mentioned at the beginning of my tutorial, the colour dries scented, which is kind of neat! Fruity smelling nails? I guess so! :) This look was super fun to create & i'm happy with the way it turned out. It's fun, vibrant, summery, and a little on the bold side! Let your MANGO TANGO!


XO Doll

Friday, May 27

Champagne & A Touch Of Teal.

For whatever reason this tutorial filmed with really bad lighting ... and I didn't do anything different. Weird. Either way, I used a "champagne" colour as well as teal. It's a super simple look to create. It's colourful but not BAM, IN YO FACE! (Ha ha ha). I feel it's a very wearable look, even for work. I hope you all enjoy!

I will be doing a tutorial soon inspired by my nailpolish colour! Can you guess what the colour is? :)


If anyone has any suggestions on a look I should do or something they want to see, please feel free to comment! Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel! Afterall, it's free :)

XO Doll

Wednesday, May 25

Summer Shimmer!

After realizing there were so many colours I hadn't touched yet, I had been eyeing the 'rust' colour in my 120 palette for a few days. I decided to do something similar to the "colour POP" looks i've done (& posted here on my blog) but step it up a little. It's a super easy look to create, & very summery! Atleast I feel it looks summery! :) This is probably going to be my new go-to summer look!


XO Doll

Tuesday, May 24

Purple & Green!

My inspiration for this look was pulled from a Lise Watier picture that I came across. I created this look using all BH Cosmetics.


I filmed another tutorial today, so stay tuned :)

I've been slacking on the tutorials/blog posts lately. We've been really busy around here since the nice weather has hit. The girls playhouse is being built. We had a fun filled & jam packed weekend for the long weekend. And with the nice weather, we've been spending most of our days outdoors!

I hope everybody had a fun & safe long weekend!

XO Doll

Wednesday, May 18

Hot Pink Rockstar!

I've been wanting to do a hot pink look for a while now. I finally did tonight. It's bright. It's bold. It's ROCKSTAR! Haha, ok ok. I don't know why I think 'rockstar' when I see this look, but I do.


♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ I'm a Rockstar! Hey Baby, i'm a Rockstar! ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

XO Doll

Monday, May 16

Butterfly Inspired Makeup Look

Hello lovely followers!
I was browsing around google today- looking at pictures of butterflies & came across this one!

I decided to use this as my colour inspiration for my makeup look today! I hope you all enjoy :)

The pictures really don't do the look justice. You can barely see the teal & everything looks faded. :( Ah well.

XO Doll

Saturday, May 14

Bring Me To the Tropics!

I need a vacation. Ok, I don't *need* a vacation, but I want to go on one!
This tutorial look was inspired by the tropics. I used what I viewed to be tropical colours. The look is really bright & fun! I enjoyed creating the look.

Bring Me To the Tropics!


A Summer Sunkissed Look!

Lately this is my go-to look. It's been hot out, so i've barely even been wearing makeup. But when I do, I do this super simple, sunkissed look. I hope you enjoy it's simplicity :)


Another Tropical Inspired Look! :)

On a very gloomy & rainy day here in Northern Ontario, I decided to do another tropical inspired look to brighten up my day! :)


XO Doll

Tuesday, May 10

Bedroom & Makeup Vanity Tour! WOOT.

Hello lovely followers (if you aren't a follower yet, you should be! Ha ha ha.)

My makeup vanity is all set up & ready to go! I'M SO EXCITED! To share in my excitment I decided to film a bedroom/makeup vanity tour to show you all where I am now doing my tutorials! Since it's in our bedroom I figured I would give you guys a quick tour. I know, I ramble a lot & i'm a super nerd talking on film. I swear I make random noises without even realizing it! :-P I have a new tutorial (or two!) coming your way, as well as a haul video, so stay tuned!
The "tour" video:

I hope you all enjoyed! :)

XO Doll

Wednesday, May 4

Bold Eyes, Bright Lips!

I did a really cool look tonight doing a bold eye & bright red lip. I love love love the way the looked turned out :) My inspiration came from a picture I found in a magazine. This would definitely be a wicked look for a night out on the town! I hope you all enjoy :)


--> I'm pretending to hold the shoe picture you see hanging on my wall. I'm cool, I know. Ha ha haaa ...

I tried out my new set up tonight & I am very pleased with it :) I'm really excited to get my makeup desk mirror in. Then i'm going to be on the hunt for a tripod! Right now i'm using books, haha.

XO Doll

Monday, May 2

Neutral Dramatic Eye!

This evening I decided to go with a neutral look, but still do something somewhat dramatic. I know I always look tired, but I look especially tired in todays video! It was a late night last night :-P Might I mention that I forgot to brush out my left eyebrow after filling it in, making it look a lot thicker and darker then the right. LOVELY, haha. I only noticed once I was done filming, and had the video uploaded to my computer for editing. It's a little distracting and looks ridonculous, but hey! What can yah do? Haha.


Being silly.



We brought up a "sofa table" from our entrance way for me to use as a makeup vanity. After thinking about it, my Grandmother's old vanity is really low to the floor & doesn't have much table room. Once I get it set up, i'll be sure to post about it :) I'm going to need a makeup mirror and much better lighting, but that will all come with time. Eeeee, i'm excited!

XO Doll

Sunday, May 1

I. Love. Shoes.

I decided to finally do a blog about my shoooooooes! Not just any shoes, but my high heels! Nobody really cares about my runners, flip flops, winter boots, and flats! Ha ha! :-P

What can I say about shoes? I ADORE them. Anybody who knows me knows my love for shoes. I even have a high heel tattoo'd on my ankle!

I only really got into high heels after our first daughter was born. I had a couple pairs of 'dressy' heels that I had worn to high school formals, and one pair of plain old black heels that I pulled out from time to time. That was it. I didn't realize my shoe fetish only took off once I had my daughter until my husband asked "what made you get so into heels?" I thought about it for a moment and realized that all of the high heels in my possession today have been purchased in the past three years. Oops! :P In my collection I have 4 pairs of heeled boots, 3 pairs of strappy heels, and 15 pairs of high heeled shoes (whether they be open toed, booties, pointy toed, etc.) Not too shabby if you ask me! I hope you enjoy the little photo session I had with my love affair; SHOES!

Turquoise Peep Toe - Le Chateau

Metallic Leopard Print Peep Toe - Le Chateau

Red Leopard Print Peep Toe - Walmart

Leopard Print Open Toe - Le Chateau
Zebra Print Round Toe - Walmart
Gold Strappy Sandal - Le Chateau
Pink Flower Strappy Sandal - Le Chateau

Silver Diamond Studded Strappy Sandal - Le Chateau

Black Slouchy Boot - Suzy Shier

Beige Round Toe - Payless

Beige Peep Toe Bootie - Suzy Shier

Navy Stripe Sling Back - Payless

Red Kitten Heel Peep Toe - Le Chateau

Black Snake Print Gladiator Bootie - Aldo
White Diamond Heel Pointy Toe - Le Chateau

Gold Sparkley Peep Toe - Le Chateau

Pink & Champagne Sequin & Diamond Peep Toe - Zappos Canada

Pink Leopard Print Pointy Toe - Spring

Brown Leather Boot - Sears (I think...)

Brown Suede Slouchy Boot - Suzy Shier

Brown Slouchy Boot - Walmart

I apologize that the pictures are all over the place. After 3 or 4 failed attempts at placing them where I wanted them, I gave up & let them place themselves (ha ha). I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my shoe closet. I think it's almost time to hit up the mall for a new pair soon ;)

XO Doll