Monday, May 2

Neutral Dramatic Eye!

This evening I decided to go with a neutral look, but still do something somewhat dramatic. I know I always look tired, but I look especially tired in todays video! It was a late night last night :-P Might I mention that I forgot to brush out my left eyebrow after filling it in, making it look a lot thicker and darker then the right. LOVELY, haha. I only noticed once I was done filming, and had the video uploaded to my computer for editing. It's a little distracting and looks ridonculous, but hey! What can yah do? Haha.


Being silly.



We brought up a "sofa table" from our entrance way for me to use as a makeup vanity. After thinking about it, my Grandmother's old vanity is really low to the floor & doesn't have much table room. Once I get it set up, i'll be sure to post about it :) I'm going to need a makeup mirror and much better lighting, but that will all come with time. Eeeee, i'm excited!

XO Doll

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