Sunday, May 1

I. Love. Shoes.

I decided to finally do a blog about my shoooooooes! Not just any shoes, but my high heels! Nobody really cares about my runners, flip flops, winter boots, and flats! Ha ha! :-P

What can I say about shoes? I ADORE them. Anybody who knows me knows my love for shoes. I even have a high heel tattoo'd on my ankle!

I only really got into high heels after our first daughter was born. I had a couple pairs of 'dressy' heels that I had worn to high school formals, and one pair of plain old black heels that I pulled out from time to time. That was it. I didn't realize my shoe fetish only took off once I had my daughter until my husband asked "what made you get so into heels?" I thought about it for a moment and realized that all of the high heels in my possession today have been purchased in the past three years. Oops! :P In my collection I have 4 pairs of heeled boots, 3 pairs of strappy heels, and 15 pairs of high heeled shoes (whether they be open toed, booties, pointy toed, etc.) Not too shabby if you ask me! I hope you enjoy the little photo session I had with my love affair; SHOES!

Turquoise Peep Toe - Le Chateau

Metallic Leopard Print Peep Toe - Le Chateau

Red Leopard Print Peep Toe - Walmart

Leopard Print Open Toe - Le Chateau
Zebra Print Round Toe - Walmart
Gold Strappy Sandal - Le Chateau
Pink Flower Strappy Sandal - Le Chateau

Silver Diamond Studded Strappy Sandal - Le Chateau

Black Slouchy Boot - Suzy Shier

Beige Round Toe - Payless

Beige Peep Toe Bootie - Suzy Shier

Navy Stripe Sling Back - Payless

Red Kitten Heel Peep Toe - Le Chateau

Black Snake Print Gladiator Bootie - Aldo
White Diamond Heel Pointy Toe - Le Chateau

Gold Sparkley Peep Toe - Le Chateau

Pink & Champagne Sequin & Diamond Peep Toe - Zappos Canada

Pink Leopard Print Pointy Toe - Spring

Brown Leather Boot - Sears (I think...)

Brown Suede Slouchy Boot - Suzy Shier

Brown Slouchy Boot - Walmart

I apologize that the pictures are all over the place. After 3 or 4 failed attempts at placing them where I wanted them, I gave up & let them place themselves (ha ha). I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my shoe closet. I think it's almost time to hit up the mall for a new pair soon ;)

XO Doll

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