Friday, April 29

Not Enough Coffee In the World...

I'm convinced there is not enough coffee in the World to get me motivated today. Urgh.

It's been a few days since i've last posted, and it's been a busy few days! We had a lovely Easter (as I hope you all did, too!) and then Leighton started teething again. When she's teething- She. Gets. Sick. Runny nose, swollen eyes, a really horrible sounding barky cough (that makes her throw up), feverish. You name it, she gets it. So you can imagine how amazing she's sleeping at night (note: sarcasm), which means Mommy isn't getting any sleep either. I haven't slept in 5 days. Korah woke up yesterday with what seems to be an eye infection/cold starting, so it's just been a hoot.

Last night I went to the Roland Michener Seconday School's Annual Fashion Show! I believe they said it was the 47th Annual Show. It was such a good time! The kids really put on a good show. It's not the type of fashion show you all may be thinking. Yes, there is clothes to be modelled. The "models" (aka. grade 12 graduates) get all dolled up (hair & makeup) for the event. But, it's not just a simple walking up & down the runway kind of fashion show. There is a theme every year which is picked by the Fashion Show committee (last night was Viva Las Vegas!) There is a funny story line, and every set has fun music, ridiculous dancing, and hilarious "skits". It's such a blast! Once upon a time I use to be involved with the fashion show. In grade 11 I was on the sub-committee, on the actual committee in grade 12, and when I went back for my fifth year I was in the show again! It was such a good time - and a lot of hard work! Our committee did Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Hollywood baby! The funds for the show go towards Graduation.

But, enough babbling - lets get on to the tutorial I posted this morning :)

I did a gold and pink look, and really like the way it turned out! I hope you all do too!


This look is sweet and simple! I hope you all enjoyed and we'll see you soon!

XO Doll

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