Saturday, April 28

OOTD: Friday!

I looked nothing short of EXHAUSTED yesterday. It was horrible. Leighton hasn't been sleeping well for the past three weeks, which means Mommy hasn't been sleeping (barely at all!) in the last three weeks either. *yawns*
I was rockin' the blue pants again yesterday. I am so in LOVE with colour this spring!

Top: Giant Tiger
Pants: Suzy Shier
Boots: Zellers
We are heading to my parents this afternoon for some outside time & a bbq =) I'm crossing my fingers that I get a chance to do a tutorial this evening. I'm thinking something bright/spring inspired?! We'll see what happens =P

XO Doll

Thursday, April 26

OOTD: Thurrrsdayyy.


Mmmmm, red velvet cake. I have a really bad habit of coming home when I work the late shift & EATING. I'm always so hungry after my shift =( I really need to stop that, haha.

My outfit of the day =) The shirt is a size too big, but it was on sale & we didn't have my size (plus, it didn't look too bad) so I bought it anyway!

XO Doll

Wednesday, April 25

OOTD! Maxi Dress.

Even though we woke up to SNOW on the ground yesterday morning (brrrrr), I bought myself a gorgeous maxi dress from work. I know, I know - it's flippin' cold out (AGAIN), but I realllllly wanted to wear it today, so I did =) It's super comfortable & I felt super cute in it. I think maxi dresses are going to be a wardrobe staple for me this summer. Simple, pretty, & easy to throw on to run errands, head out for a walk with the kids, or go to work!

Without my cardigan.
With the cardi!

XO Doll

Tuesday, April 24

OOTN (Saturday, April 21st)

My girlfriends and I went to a Stag & Doe on Saturday night. It's always fun to get all dolled up & go out dancing! The music wasn't the greatest, but we still had a blast! I borrowed a dress from my best friend Michelle. This is how I wore it ... =)

We couldn't remember where the dress is from.
Shoes: Payless (my FAVORITE heels these days!)
Belt: Suzy Shier
Gold earings: Le Chateau

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! =)

XO Doll

Friday, April 20


My outfit of the day!
Shirt, cropped pants, heels: Suzy Shier!
I'm planning on going out tomorrow night for some dancing, so stay tuned for an Outfit Of the Night :)

XO Doll

Sunday, April 15

[Late] St.Patty's Day Tutorial + a few OOTD!

With our new internet (speed) i'm able to upload tutorials A LOT faster than before. This makes me very very happy. I filmed this tutorial before St.Patty's Day. Because our laptop crashed, I was unable to upload it before the day, alas it is very very late. BUT, better late than never :)


I've had many more outfit's of the day, but they got lost in the crash (haha). Here are a few that i've done in the past weeks, one of which was an outfit of the night :)

XO Doll


...It has been SO long since i've posted, well.. anything!
We didn't have our laptop for almost a month so that put a halt on blog posting/uploading tutorials (not to mention my OOTD).
We finally have our laptop back which means the blog posts, OOTD(s), & tutorials will be coming your way!
It's been a busy few weeks, needless to say. Our house got hit with a nasty cold. I had it for two weeks, got rid of it for a week (in the mean time the two girls & my husband got it) and now I have it. Again. It was a rough & sleepless week, but we seem to slowly but surely be getting over it.
Our Princess turned 4 yesterday (!!!) Happy Birthday Korah! We're having a party for her on Saturday. Spiderman themed. Haha, it's so weird seeing as she's SUCH a girly-girl. She loves her spidey though!

A tutorial I filmed what seems like ages ago!
Neutral look using Urban Decay's NAKED palette (thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle!!!)


I will hopefully be able to catch up on some OOTD's as well as another tutorial which I am currently uploading, tomorrow. After falling so far behind, it's hard to catch back up! Haha.

XO Doll