Friday, April 19


Just a few outfits that I've worn in the past couple of weeks :)





Pants & boots - Suzy Shier
Sweater - Walmart
Blouse - Stitches

Scarf, sweater, boots - Suzy Shier
Skull tank - Stitches

Pants, boots, scarf - Suzy Shier
Stripe top - Ardene

 Pants, top, boots - Suzy Shier


XO Doll

Saturday, March 30

Smokey Purple Look With ARBONNE

Happy Easter weekend, everybody!

I did a look today using mostly ARBONNE products <3
As I mentioned in my video, I recently became an independent consultant with Arbonne, & I kid you not - these products are absolutely fa-mazing!

I'm usually a little skeptical when it comes to things like this. Can a product REALLY help with my under eye poofiness? Yes, yes it can! I am serious when I say that I noticed a BIG change in my skin after using these products for only a couple short days.

I plan on doing a video introducing Arbonne to those who haven't heard of it, as well as a little haul/review video (it will probably be lengthy or in two parts), but for today I did a tutorial using Arbonne cosmetics.

Again, like mentioned in the video, I am in LOVE with the Natural Radiance Mineral Powder! No more liquid foundation - it feels awesome on my skin! This is the first video I've filmed in a REALLY long time starting out with no makeup on what-so-ever ... so I apologize that I look scary, haha.

XO Doll

Saturday, March 9

Mint Pants: 5 Ways!

I am absolutely in LOVE with the colour mint for this spring. My staple piece: mint skinnys.
Here I preview 5 ways to wear mint pants this season :)

Purple tank, black/silver necklace, red/blue/silver bangels, colour printed heels.

White blouse, multi-colour necklace, mint bracelets, pink heels.

Pink/printed sheer tank, gold/white bracelets, white heels.
Black lace top, blue necklace, teal bracelet, blue heels.

Coral blouse, navy blue button up, silver spike necklace, nude heels.
This was featured in my last post, but decided I would post it again since it's my favorite look!
Navy/white striped top, white blazer, gold/teal neacklace, mint/gold bracelets, nude heels. 

And there you have it; my mint pant ideas!
 XO Doll


Spring is in the air!
With the Spring fashions already hitting stores, I thought it would be a cute idea to piece together some outfit ideas for the upcoming warm weather :)
I'm using clothes from my own closet. I have stuff from last year in the same colours that we are seeing this year. These outfits are just ideas, not absolute trends. I just thought it would be a fun way to get people inspired to piece together their own outfits for Spring!

Colour on Colour + Print!

Coral & yellow & white, oh my!
Peplum vs. edgy.
Print on print on glamour.
Nautical inspired.
Print, neutral, colour!
High waisted, prints, & bright colour.
Coral stripes + blue + white tank.
 I apologize that the pictures aren't the highest quality :( I hope you get the idea, though :)
XO Doll

Friday, February 22



I recently placed an order from The items came quickly to my door, & I couldn't be more pleased with my purchases!

I ordered "Havana Breeze" by Iron Fist as well as "Suri" by JustFab.

Let me tell you - the quality of these heels are amazing.

Havana Breeze is gorgeous colours! I think after a few hours of dancing in them, my feet will be a little sore, but I love them none-the-less.

Suri (in pink) is AMAZING. I can't even believe how comfortable the shoes are! They have a 6-inch heel which is offset by a 2-inch platform, making it easy peasy to walk in them. I don't know how they made the shoes so darn comfortable, but I can't wait to wear them & be almost 6 feet tall (haha).

The first photo is the Havana Breeze heels, the second is Suri :)

I would recommend these shoes/the website to anyone! Just make sure you read what JustFab is, so you aren't getting charged monthly without knowing ... like somebody I know *cough*me*cough*

I already know what my next two pairs of heels will be :)
Have a FABulous weekend everybody :)

XO Doll

Tuesday, February 19

TWO New Videos!: Jewlery Display + Makeup Vanity Tour

Ok, ok - it has been SO long since I've blogged. I feel sad about this fact.
I had a the (long) weekend off & was able to do some projects at home which led to a Jewlery Display video as well as a new Makeup Vanity Tour video.
So, without further ado, here they are :)

Jewlery Display:

Makeup Vanity Tour:

I have a couple of plans for videos/posts in the near future (if this cold would bugger off) so stay tuned :)

XO Doll

Monday, August 27

ONE Top, Two Different Ways! (OOTD & OOTN)

My OOTD features the same top as my OOTN :P

OOTD:                                                                               OOTN:
Top - Stitches                                                                     Top - Stitches
Pants/heels/bracelets - Suzy Shier                                      Shorts - Eclipse
Grey tank - Zellers                                                              Shoes - Payless
                                                                                            Earings - From my Bestie :) Bracelets - Suzy

Saturday, August 11

OOTD: Friiidayyy.


Everything is from Suzy Shier, haha.

I look damn tired (because I was, aha).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

XO Doll