Saturday, March 9


Spring is in the air!
With the Spring fashions already hitting stores, I thought it would be a cute idea to piece together some outfit ideas for the upcoming warm weather :)
I'm using clothes from my own closet. I have stuff from last year in the same colours that we are seeing this year. These outfits are just ideas, not absolute trends. I just thought it would be a fun way to get people inspired to piece together their own outfits for Spring!

Colour on Colour + Print!

Coral & yellow & white, oh my!
Peplum vs. edgy.
Print on print on glamour.
Nautical inspired.
Print, neutral, colour!
High waisted, prints, & bright colour.
Coral stripes + blue + white tank.
 I apologize that the pictures aren't the highest quality :( I hope you get the idea, though :)
XO Doll

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  1. Great ideas <3 I love 'Nautical inspired & 'coral, yellow & white!!