Monday, July 30



I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! I found it hard to get out of bed this morning (even though we slept in). Monday's always draaaaag.
I wore a skirt that I borrowed from my bestie today (hot pink!)
Everything except for the belt (which is from Eclipse) is from Suzy Shier :)

XO Doll

Sunday, July 29

OOTD: Saturday & Sunday!


My OOTD Saturday was relaxed & comfortable. I had all of two hours of sleep Friday night (thanks to my two year old, Leighton) & was absolutely exhausted (hense the not so nice hair & glasses, haha).

Sunday I went a little vintage :) It was a cute outfit, I got compliments on it. A customer even told me I look kind of like Katherine Heigl. I don't see it ... at all(!), but I took it as a compliment :P

Saturday's outfit:
Top, leggings, boots, necklace: Suzy Shier   --> I got the top from my best friend, Michelle (thanks!)
Bracelet: Buck Or Two (haha)
Sunday's outfit:
Top, belt, wedges: Suzy Shier
Skirt: Giant Tiger (also from Michelle!)
Bracelet: Buck Or Two


Wednesday, July 25

OOTD: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday!

Here are my outfits from Sunday, Monday, & today!
Top (my Mom`s! haha): I think it`s from Giant Tiger
Leggings, bracelet, necklace: Suzy Shier
Sandals: Zellers

Top, cropped pants, necklace, bracelets: Suzy Shier
Sandals: Zellers
Dress & Shoes: Suzy Shier
Shrug: Stitches
Belt: Eclipse
Bracelet: Dollarama (Haha)

XO Doll

Tuesday, July 24

Tutorial: Mint Green Cut Crease!

FINALLY, I got around to doing a tutorial (yaaaaaay!) I did a dramatic look using mint green & a cut crease. I really enjoy the way this look turned out, I hope you all do too!


I'm off today, so i'm thinking about doing another tutorial :) Maybe something colourful, I don't know yet ... but stay tuned!

XO Doll

Wednesday, July 18

Brights & Print! OOTD.

Today I wore colourful & printed pieces.
Top: Zellers (on sale for six bucks!!!)
Pants & Yellow Heels: Suzy Shier

Not the best photo, but that's okayyy. I took this after my 10 hour day *yawns* Now it's time for bed :)

XO Doll

Tuesday, July 17

OOTD: Pin-Up Girl, A-Hoy!

My outfit on Monday was very pin-up, sailor-esk (is that even a word? Haha). I thought it was cute!

Photo Credit: My Brother. Haha
Head scarf: Dollarama
Shrug: Stitches
Tank top & Skirt: Giant Tiger
Leopard Print shoes: Le Chateau

XO Doll

Friday, July 13

Boho Chic.

The other day I borrowed this shirt from my Mama & went with a "boho" inspired look for my outfit. I think it looked cute and it was definitely comfortable!
Top, leggings, boots, necklace: Suzy Shier
Headband: Dollarama

I know i've been horrible with blogging & tutorials lately. And by horrible I mean I haven't been doing them, period. I never feel like I have time :( Work has been exhausting me, & when all is finally said & done at the end of the evening, I just want to climb into bed & sleeeeeep. I'm hoping that things change soon & i'm able to jump back on the bandwagon again. I  miss blogging & doing tutorials :(

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend; it's suppose to be a super hot one here!

XO Doll