Friday, July 13

Boho Chic.

The other day I borrowed this shirt from my Mama & went with a "boho" inspired look for my outfit. I think it looked cute and it was definitely comfortable!
Top, leggings, boots, necklace: Suzy Shier
Headband: Dollarama

I know i've been horrible with blogging & tutorials lately. And by horrible I mean I haven't been doing them, period. I never feel like I have time :( Work has been exhausting me, & when all is finally said & done at the end of the evening, I just want to climb into bed & sleeeeeep. I'm hoping that things change soon & i'm able to jump back on the bandwagon again. I  miss blogging & doing tutorials :(

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend; it's suppose to be a super hot one here!

XO Doll

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