Here, I will post tips and tricks of the beauty world!
Things that I do and use and things that i've heard others do and use.

Mascara Tip: I mentioned this in my blog post already, but what I do to get the most dramatic eyelashes without using false lashes is using two mascaras at once.
For instance, i'll use L'Oreal's Double Extend mascara, do two coats, and then i'll use Maybelline's Falsies mascara and also do two coats.
On their own I find the Double Extend doesn't give me enough UMPH and the Falsies leaves my lashes too spaced out. Together, BAM! They look wonderful.

Tape Trick - Wings and Things: Winging out the eyeliner isn't something I do often. The few times I have, they never seem to be even. The trick is, if you put a piece of tape starting at the outer corner or your eye and placing it up to the outer tip of your eyebrow, you can follow along the tape line (not all the way up!) and have a perfectly straight 'wing'. This tape trick can also work with your regular eyeshadow application to ensure your eyeshadow stops at the right spot when blending out from your eyelid. I've never tried it, but i've seen others do it and it works!

Difficult Eyeliner? Do This!: Every now and again we have an eyeliner that is a pain to apply. It just won't go on smoothly. My dear friend Michelle suggested this tip to me yesterday! Use a blowdryer or your breath to warm up the tip of your liner. This will help with a smoother application!

Get Longer Use Out Of Your Mascara!: You're suppose to change out your mascara every 2-3 months. For most of us, this isn't feasable or we simply don't think about it. The reason being, every time you use your mascara (especially when it's daily use) it gets exposed to the air and therefore dries out. Not to mention what it may come into contact with from your lashes! Warm up a cup of water in the microwave. With the lid tightly on, place the mascara tube in the cup of water for a few minutes. This will help loosen any dryness/clumps within the tube, making it last longer. I would still suggest changing out your mascara atleast every 6 months (for the ones that you use regularly).

No primer? No problem!: If you don't already have a base (like Urban Decay's Primer Potion, MAC's Paint Pot in any colour, BH Cosmetic's Eye/Lip Primer, etc.) you can always do this; use an eyeliner colour all over your lid, slightly blending (you can even blend it with your finger!) & then apply desired shadow on top of the liner. Depending on what liner colour you use, it can help make shadow colours POP, deepen the colour of the shadow, or help to make an easy smokey eye. It will also give your shadow a little more staying power!