Thursday, March 24

Stoves and Rugs, Rugs and Stoves!

I mentioned in another post that we were getting a huge area rug and a new stove (I also mentioned how lame I was for being excited about it, haha). Well, they arrived yesterday and yaaaaaaay! I'm loving the area rug. It fills in the space (we have a large living room!) especially since we brought our coffee table downstairs for the time being, to minimize Leighton getting hurt now that she's crawling. :P

The new area rug! It was difficult trying to get a full photo of it since it's so big! It compliments the colours and other furniture in the room. The kids love it. The animals love it. We love it. Everybody wins! Haha.

It looks like a stove. It acts like a stove. It IS a stove! Haha. It's actually a really nice stove, as far as stoves go. :P My husband was extremely excited about it, especially about the 'warming zone'. "Oooooooh. Aaaaaaaah." We tested it out last night and it does have some pretty nifty features. But, it is still just a stove, haha.

Kid Talk!

Korah says to Curtis last night: "I lost my Daddy."
Curtis: "What do you mean you lost your Daddy?"
Korah: "I lost my Daddy 'cause he's at work."

Aww, poor kid. She's always so sad when Daddy heads out the door in the morning (if she's already out of bed). If he's gone before she wakes up the very first thing she says to me when she gets out of bed is "where's my Daddy?" As soon as Curtis walks through the door in the evening she's demanding him to change out of his dress clothes. When he's in his dress clothes it equals leaving for work. When he's in his jeans/shorts/pajamas it equals him being home for the day/night. It's sweet how much she loves her Daddy!

XO Doll

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