Friday, March 25

Yellow, Blue, CAT!

Updated [Tips!] page! I also updated my "About Me" page a couple of days ago. Go check it out! :)

I really like using yellow lately, so today I decided to pair yellow and blue. There's no real reason as to why, I just felt like it! :P Today was a little bit of a stressful one. My frikkin' straightner blew up! For real. I plugged it in and heard a zapping-POP sound, and then it stated smoking! I'm not too impressed, I must say. Thankfully I have some oldies on hand 'just in case'. This is definitely a just in case moment! :P I ended my day wonderfully with Michelle and a glass (or two) of wine. :) I have to admit, a nice glass of (ice) wine really helps me relax some days!

Here's today's look. We went to the mall this evening and when we were there I realized my makeup matched my sunglasses and the sweater I was wearing. Haha, totally unintentional, but funny none the less!

I started by applying yellow (7) to 3/4 of my eyelid. I carried the same yellow to the bottom inner 3/4 of my lower lashline. Then, taking blue (72), I started blending slightly into the yellow and along the crease, slightly blending up/out to blend any harsh lines. I took this same blue and applied it to the outer corner of my lower lashline and blended it inwards. I used a smokey gray eyeliner for both upper and lower lashes. I paired my Cover Girl Lashblast Fusion with The Falsies for my lashes. On my cheeks I used my Jordana blush in Sunlit Bronze and (of course) used a clear gloss on my lips! (I'm a fan on the clear gloss, can you tell? Haha.)
As I was taking photos for my "The Look Collage" Soot-Minou decided he wanted some cuddles. So, naturally, I took some photos! :P

Haha, he's so funny. We always call him our parrot-minou because he loves being on our shoulder(s)/wrapped around our necks. And he's little! :)

I hope you enjoy this look! I know I really liked it! I apologize if there are any spelling mistakes, etc. in this post. It's late and i'm tired. And I mean, i've had a glass or two of wine, haha. :P

XO Doll

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