Sunday, March 27

Hello, Head Cold!

Sniffle. Sniffle. I woke up yesterday morning and my throat felt off. This morning I had a full blown cold. Ugh. We went to I.F. for our niece's birthday party today. It was a lot of fun! The girls had a good time. Mommy had some cake!

I wore the shirt I bought from Value Village today (yaaaay!)

<-- My outfit of the day! I ended up sporting a different brown (slouchy) boot with a bit of a smaller heel. I know the shirt is a little ... LOUD. But I like it! :D

Today's makeup I did orange and smoked it out with black!

I started with red (87) (as a base) all over my lids. Applying the red before the orange just helps the orange stand out a little more. Over top of the red, I then applied the orange (15) to my lids and blended slightly along the crease. I took black (88), and in a circular motion I applied it to the outer V-shape of my eye. I ever so slightly blended the black along the crease. I took this same black and carried it to my lower lashline, where I then did a thin line of yellow (7) under the black. I used white (1) for my highlight. I lined the top and bottom lashlines with black liner and smudged it with my liner brush to get a more smokey effect. On my cheeks I used my Jordana Sunlit Bronze blush and did a neutral lip.

I picked up an e.l.f. eyeshadow brush from (get this!) Dollarama on Friday night! I used it today to apply the red and orange and I really like it! I'm hoping to get a whole new brush set sooner than later, but hey - i'll take it!

I hope you enjoyed this look.
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XO Doll

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