Tuesday, March 29

A Little Bit Of Purple!

I did an easy look yesterday. I was still feeling pretty under the weather (I still am today, too.) I love purple eyeshadow so I did an easy purple look. The pictures aren't the greatest, so I apologize!

I absolutely <3 purple with brown eyes. Just sayin'! :P

Create This Look!:
I applied white (1) all over my lids. I then took purple (31) and following the natural V-shape of the outer corner of my eye, I started applying in a circular motion, as well as a sweeping motion. I blended the purple slightly along the crease. I carried this same purple to line my lower lashline. I used black liner on top and bottom and re-lined with the same purple. Cover Girl Lashblast Fusion and Maybelline's the Falsies for mascara.

I used a bubblegum pink blush (1) on my cheeks. Neutral gloss and I was done! :)

I spy with my little eye(s) ..................................................

A collage of eyes! Haha.
XO Doll

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