Wednesday, March 30


Behind me I can hear one of our cats (Romeo) and our dog (Chewy) snoring. Oh, to be able to sleep anywhere, anytime! I had some blogging buddies this evening! :)

Chewy, Binou, and Yellowtail <3 (Haha!)

<-- I'm texting Michelle! Haha.

<-- Snuggles for Chew-Dawgy-Dawg!

<-- Kisses from Binou (Beans!)

Today's Look: Citrus!
I realize this looks a lot like my "St.Patty's Day" looks, but it isn't. The lime green didn't show as well as I had hoped.

Create This Look!:
Using yellow (7), I applied the colour to the inner 1/3 of my lid. I then took lime green (53) and applied that to the middle 1/3 of my lid. I took dark green (48) and applied that to the outer 1/3 of my lid. I took this same dark green and lightly blended it along my crease. I did the same (1/3 of each colour) under my eye. For my highlight I mixed a pale yellow (3) with a beige-yellow (5). I used a green eyeliner on the top and bottom lashlines. For mascara I paired CGLBF with MF.

On my cheeks I used an orange-ish colour of blush (3) and highlighted with a light pink (6). On my lips, as per usual, I used a clear gloss. I'm really an avid fan of neutral lips! :) Maybe I should break out of my box one of these days, hehe.

I just wanted to throw it out there, that my girls are absolutely adorable! <3

<-- Mommy & Korah <3 My mini-me.

Adorable Doodle-Bug grin! :)                      -->

I am one lucky Mama <3

XO Doll

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