Thursday, March 31

♪ PINK is my new obsession! ♫

Ok, so it's not a new obsession. Pink has actually been my favorite colour since I was a little girl! Today's look was simply inspired by my favorite colour. Simple. Sweet. PINK!

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On the inner corner of my eye lids, I applied a very light pink (9). Then using a darker pink (16), I applied it all over my lid, blending into the light pink. I carried this same darker pink (16) to line my lower lashline. I then took red (87) and blended it in to the outer V-shape of my lids, slightly blending up and blending along my crease. I lined my upper and lower lashlines with a smokey gray liner. Again, I used CGLBF and MF mascara. On my cheeks I used a Cover Girl rose colour blush and finished off the look with glossy lips!

I'm really hoping to be able to start doing tutorials soon. I need to figure out a good set up and then find the time to do them. This house can be a little hectic with two little girls running/crawling around! :P

Random talk! Has anyone else been following American Idol? I'm not at all surprised with who was voted off this evening. My top 3 definitely have to be Jacob, Lauren, and Thia! :)

XO Doll

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  1. I was going to say, pink is new? :P Looks amazing hun! Keep up the great work. xox