Saturday, April 2

Seeing Zebra Print!

I had mentioned in a previous post that my straightener had blown up *tears*. It was relatively expensive (I think I paid $160 for it or something like that) and I had it for just under 3 years. Let me tell you, I was less than impressed. I had some old straighteners that I had kept "just in case". Well, let's just say there was a reason I wasn't using them in the first place! (Haha.) So, while at the mall yesterday we checked out Winners and I found an awesome straightener at an awesome price! Of course I wasn't sure how well it would actually work, but I had heard of the company before so I figured why not! It was probably better then what I was using the past week anyway. I tested it out quickly last night and WOW. I curled a piece of hair, no problem. I then straightened that curled piece of hair with one stroke of the straightener! AWESOME! I used it today and I absolutely love it! It gets hot FAST. It's comfortable to hold. The handle doesn't get hot. It's gentle on the hair. It has a heat setting that goes up to 450°. I need to add that the straightener is PINK and ZEBRA PRINT! Haha, how fantastic is that?! Check out to see all of their products. In the pamphlet that came in the box (as well as on the website!) the price of the straightener I got is $320. I picked it up for $39.99!!! :D Steal of a deal? I think so!

I'm in Loooooove <3
Yesterday I decided to do a fairly simple look, using gray on my upper eye and purple underneath.

Create This Look!:
Start by applying a dark gray (83) all over your lids, slightly blending upwards to blend out any harsh lines. Then, using a lighter gray (81) blend into the crease and up slightly. Under the eye I applied purple (22). For my highlight I blended white (1) and yellow-beige (5). I haven't really noted this before, but anytime i'm applying my highlight I usually blend it slightly into the colour, to tame the colour down a little. I used white on the inner corners of my eyes and lined both upper and lower lids with smokey gray. I used my Double Extend mascara with my Falsies mascara.

I used bubble gum pink (1) blush on my cheeks and a slightly tinted (red) gloss on my lips.

I picked up two 5-colour metallic colour palettes at A Buck Or Two yesterday! While it's hard to tell the colours in the photo, the top palette is purpley-wine coloured shadows (the palette name is Wine & Rose) and the bottom palette is browns with a really pretty pink colour (the palette name is Darling). The pigmentation isn't too bad at all! You can buy L.A. Colors online at Cherry Culture, so it was cool to find them in store! Online they are $3.00. I got them for $2.49. :)

My colour inspiration today came from Leighton's shirt. There are three little 'flowers' on it, one of which was the colours purple, blue, and green. As I started to apply the colours I realized it look very peacock-ish! So, today's look is Peacock! :) Intense for daytime, but I had fun with it and I love the vibrancy! It would be a great look for a night out!

The original inspiration; purple, blue, and green!

Create This Look!:
I started by applying blue (62) to the inner 3/4's of my lids, stopping at the crease. I then applied purple (24) to the outer 1/4 of my lids. I carried these same colours under my eye in the same amounts. I took green (44) and with my crease blending brush I blended the colour into my crease and slightly upwards. I brought the green down, slightly around the purple and then lined under the purple and blue under my eye with the green. I used a pale yellow (2) for my highlight and used white (1) directly under my brows. I used the same pale yellow on the inner corners of my eyes. I lined my upper and lower lashline with black eyeliner, also lining my water line. I then took the same portions of purple and blue and dabbed that along the liner on my water line. I used the usual for mascara (haha), used my Jordana Sunlit Bronze blush and a neautral gloss on my lips. I have to say, I love love LOVE the way this look turned out! Bright and fun! :)

Tomorrow is Sunday which means Sunday dinner at my parents (and we're having steak! Yummmmmmmmm.) I'll do something fairly neutral tomorrow, probably using my new L.A. Colors palette(s). Stay tuned! :)

XO Doll

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