Sunday, April 3

Wine --*

I used my new L.A. Colors Wine & Rose palette today, and I must say I am extremely impressed with how well it works! It's very pigmented! This is a great every day sort of look, and the colour would look great with any eye colour! :) It's also a really easy look to create.

Create This Look!:
I used number (3) and applied that colour all over my lids. I also used this colour to line my lower lashline. I then took number (2) and applied that colour to my crease, blending up slightly. I used number (1) as my highlight (from brow to colour) and also applied it to the inner corners of my eyes. I lined my upper and lower lashlines with black eyeliner, including my waterline. I then went back over my waterline with number (3).

I used my Double Extend and Falsies mascara, adding a coat of 'gold shimmer' to my lashes. For blush I mixed an orange colour (3) with an almost merlot colour (4). Neutral gloss on my lips and I was done! Like I said, really easy!

We're heading to my parents shortly to sit outside (it's GORGEOUS out today!) and have steak dinner. I'm so excited! :) I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

XO Doll

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