Monday, March 21

Cherry Culture Is Here!

Michelle and I got our Cherry Culture package in today, yaaaaaaaaay! We were both SO excited! After quickly unpacking all of our goodies we started swatching our purchases, and I must say I was very impressed! Amazing quality for cheap, cheap, cheap!

Here are the swatches I did! :)

1. Jordana Powder Blush in Sunlit Bronze
2. NYX Glitter Powder (Purple)
3. L.A. Girl Endless Eyeliner in Aqua
4. Jordana Easy Liner in Smokey
5.Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Silver Blue
6. Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Metallic Green
7. Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Metallic Pink
8. Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Dark Brown
9. Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Sky Teal

In the NYX Glitter Powder (asides from the colour shown above) I got Blue, Apple, Pink, Gold, and Silver. I also got Jordana Eye Primer as well as Amuse Extension Mascara. I'm going to test both of those products out tonight and I will do a review letting you know how well it works and how well it holds up!
My Goodies! :)

Review Time.
Jordana Blush: I ended up using this blush all weekend! The colour is awesome and it stayed on all evening!

NYX Glitter Powder: I used a little bit of blue on Friday night and I used gold on Saturday night. I LOVE it. I applied it over top of eyelash glue and it stayed put! I can't wait to do a full look with this product!

Jordana Easyliner in Smokey: I wore this Friday and i'm actually wearing it today too (Monday)! I absolutely love it! It glides on nice and I love the gray colour.

Amuse Soft Eyeliner in Silver Blue: I was very disappointed with this eyeliner. While it swatched amazingly on my hand, it was really hard to apply as actual liner. I tried dulling it, but that didn't help. In order to get the colour on to my lashline I had to practically scratch it on my eyelid. It wasn't comfortable to do. It applied a little better to my lower lashline, but still not a huge fan. I'll have to try the other colours and see if they apply better. Meh, atleast they were less than a dollar!

Jordana Eye Primer: I found it worked well! It's a little thicker then the primer i'm use to, but it gave my eye the same all over colour (beige), it didn't crease and my eyeshadow stayed put! Steal of a deal for $1.99!

Amuse Extention Mascara: I like this mascara! It seperates your lashes nicely so they don't end up clumpy. It also adds a little length. I still paired it with my Falsies (I need'em THICK, haha) but it works well for the $3 I paid for it!

A few more photos of my goodies! :)

I transferred my glitter pigments into these jars for easier access with my brushes. Sparkle on! :)

Mascara and eyeliners, oh my!

Blush! Not the colour I have (my picture didn't turn out good). I really like it though! Apparently you can find this brand in dollar stores.

XO Doll

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