Tuesday, March 22

Funny Of the Day!

My husband says to Korah this morning: "You're so demanding."
Korah says to her Daddy: "I'm not demanding." *pointing at herself* "I'm Korah!"

Haha, kids are the best!

This post has nothing to do with makeup (we managed to get Leighton in to see the doctor last minute this morning so I didn't do anything spectacular makeup wise today), but I wanted to share!

Leighton is now a crawling machine! Over the weekend, while she was at Grandpapa's, she decided she would start crawling. So, up went the baby gate! It's adorable, watching her crawl around the house, chasing and giggling after Korah.

I updated my About Me page, so check it out!

Fun fun: We are getting our new stove and a huuuuuge area rug tomorrow! I will post pictures tomorrow! I know, sad, but i'm excited! Haha.

XO Doll

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