Thursday, March 17

Hair Dye Time!

So, here I go again, dying my hair. I need to learn to LEAVE IT ALONE, haha. Yeah, not possible. The box dye that I tried to cover my red hair and even redder roots did not work. Alas, I decided to try the Ice Cream hair dye by Inebrya to cover that red up. I bought number 4/7 brown chestnut. I'm crossing my fingers that it will work and I will once again have one all over colour! Atleast until this summer when I decided to add blonde chunks/highlights. ;)

The dye.

Before: As you can see, my hair is RED.
Note: I love the colour in this photo. Unfortinately, my hair wasn't all one colour. The top third was nice and red like this. The rest of my hair was brown from my failed attempt at covering the red.

After: My hair is DARK brown. However, not noticeable in this photo, there is STILL some red peeking through! What gives?

My makeup inspiration for yesterday (hair dye day!) was from the Timothy's Donut Blend Coffee K-Cup! I know, that sounds silly. My husband laughed at me when I said "these colours would be awesome for a makeup look!" as I was making myself a coffee. I like the way it turned out though!
Also, check out my new contacts! They are suppose to be 'gray'. I don't find they look really gray, but they certainly change the appearance of my eyes. Just to throw this out there, I love my brownish-red eye colour. But a little change once in a while never hurt anybody. :)
The Inspiration:

The Look:

Not something I would do every day, but I liked it! For this I used an orange (I tried matching the colours to the K-Cup with the colours in my palette as well as I could) and did the inner corner of my upper and lower eye. I blended in teal and carried it on the rest of my eye lid. I also carried the teal under my eye. I then blended pink into my crease. I mixed beige and white together for my highlight. It was easy and fun to do!
Colours used for Donut Blend highlighted in green.

XO Doll

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