Thursday, March 17

St.Patty's Day Looks.

St.Patty's day is fastly approaching. My girlfriends and I are going to a stag and doe on Saturday night and it's a St.Patty's day theme. I already have my outfit (a green dress I bought from Forever 21!) and now I need to figure out my makeup! I am going to try different looks throughout the week, probably all using GREEN! :)

Look #1: Green and Gold!
For this look I used a green all over my lid. I blended a darker green into my outer crease and then blended in along the crease, slightly blending up. I carried first the lighter green and then the dark green to line under my eyes. I used gold and blended it into the inner corner and slightly up into the crease. I then lined my upper lashline with black eyeliner and then lined over top of the black with gold. I lined my waterline/lashline with black eyeliner and went back over both with the darker green. I then lined the green under my eye with gold. For my highlight I blended in beige starting from the colour up to my brows. The colours are a lot more vivid in person, I wish my camera captured it better!

Colours used for Green and Gold highlighted in green.
Look #2: Green and More Green!
For this look I did the lighter of the two greens on the inner third of my eye. I carried it under my inner lower lashline as well. I then took the darker green and started at the outer corner/crease and patted it on bringing it to meet the lighter green and blending. I then blended the darker green along my crease and slightly upwards. I used a very very pale green as my highlight. Black eyeliner on both upper and lower lashlines, mascara, and there you have it!

Colours used for Green and More Green highlighter in green (haha).
Look #3: Leaping Leprechaun's!
Well, i'm pretty sure this is the winner in my books! I will probably add some green (or gold) glitter to this look for Saturday night! Here's what I did:
I took the goldish-green and swept it onto the inner third of my eye. I also swept it on the inner third of my lower lashline. I slighty blended up. I then took dark green, starting where the goldish-green ended and slightly ontop, sweeping to the outer corner and blending up as well as along the crease. I made sure the two 'greens' were blended well. I then took black (which is actually a black with green shimmer in it found in my Avon 8-palette) and in a circular motion using my blending brush swept that into the outer 'V' of my eyes, slightly blending upwards and along the crease. I started adding a little at a time until I got the darkness I wanted. I lined my upper and lower lashlines with black eyeliner. I used my Double Extend and my falsies mascara to get full lashes and then added the gold shimmer from the Double Extend.
The colours used for Leaping Leprechaun's! higlighted in green.
A couple of extra photos of LL :)

XO Doll

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