Sunday, March 13

Birthday Parties and Makeup, Oh My!

Today was our "niece's" first birthday party so the whole fam-jam (meaning myself, my husband, and our two daughters) packed up and headed to the pool for the party. We had a blast! Korah almost attempted to dive off the stairs to swim on her own. Thank God Curtis caught her. We had to remind her, "hunny, you're not even 3 yet. You can't swim on your own." Crisis diverted. Leighton was in a horrible mood when we first arrived, but that subsided when we got in the water. She loved kicking and splashing! Curtis and I enjoyed ourselves too. There's something wonderful about the smell of a pool (no sarcasm either!) My makeup for today actually stayed put, water and all! I was impressed.

I did a very soft look today, doing pink on my upper lid and mixing a green and teal for the bottom. It looks a lot like colour POP which I did the other day, but a little softer.

Very easy look to create. I mixed two pinks for the upper lid and slightly blended up. I also dabbed a little gold onto my lids. Underneath I mixed a green and teal, lined my waterline with a blue eyeliner (and also dabbed the green and teal on my waterline). For my highlight I used a matte beige (from an Anabelle trio I have). I did a bubble gum pink on my cheeks, a very light pink gloss and added clear gloss over top. And there you have it! Soft. :)
The colours used for Soft highlighted in pink.
I decided to circle the colours I used in pink this time since pink is my favorite colour. Not as stand-out-ish as the green so I think i'll stick to that next time!

The kidlets are in bed. It's only twenty after 9 and i'm already ready for bed. I think it's going to be an early night.

XO Doll

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