Saturday, March 12


I already posted a photo of how/where I store my favorite makeup palette/brushes/mascara. This is how the rest of my makeup is stored for right now (all in our bathroom).

This is where I store my eyeshadow primer, eyeliner/brown liner, loose pigments, and my small eyeshadows that get used the most often. You can't see because the lid is open, but I also store all of my lip colour/gloss as well as my tweezers in the back part.

And the rest of my makeup, in a drawer. I have one box full of my face makeup (foundation, powder, concealer, etc.) and then the other two boxes are smaller eyeshadows. The purple/jeweled box is my Quo gift set. This is all going to change in the next couple of weeks. I am getting my Grandma's vanity (that was handed down from me) from my parents. I am then going to work on turning it into my makeup vanity. Eventually I want to sand it down and refinish it. For now I will be using it as is. I'll need to buy more storage containers like the one above and get myself a good makeup mirror! :) I'm looking forward to it!

XO Doll

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