Saturday, March 12

Feeling Blue.

Happy weekend everybody!

I just organized my makeup a little, using things we had around the house for storage. Here's a picture that I took of my often used BH Cosmetics 88 Cool Shimmer Palette with my brushes and mascaras.

I thought it looked neat! :) My friend and I placed an order on CherryCulture just today, so i'm looking forward to getting my goodies in the mail! I'll take pictures and do a review/haul on the products when they come in. I purchased a bunch of loose sparkle pigments, so I bought a 'bead sorter' to put the pigments in for easier storage. I can't wait to try some new looks with my new stuff!

I decided to put some of the loose pigments I already have in my collection into the new jars I got today. It will make for easier access to the colours. It comes with a cute little carrying case which will make it easy to travel with my pigments. I have 3 Avon loose pigments that I want to somehow transfer to jars like this.

Today I did a blue look. I called it 'Feeling Blue', but I was definitely not feeling blue this morning. :) I got up early with my husband to get ready before the kids woke up (they both slept until 9!) We then ran into town with my bestie to get bathing suits for the girls (we have a pool party-birthday to go to tomorrow!)

                                                                         Feeling Blue

This look was easy to create. I did silver all over my lid. I then blended a dark-ish blue into the outer crease, and into the crease, slightly blending up. I brought that same blue under my eyes. I used my favorite beige-yellow for a highlight and also highlighted the inner corners of my eyes. I lined my upper lashline and lower waterline with a blue liner (and dabbed blue shadow along my water line for water absorbtion). I used my Double Extend mascara as well as my Falsies mascara to pump up my lashes. On my cheeks I used a rose colour by CoverGirl and nude lips (which is usual for me).

The colours used for Feeling Blue are highlighted in green.

XO Doll

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