Friday, March 11

Previous Looks!

I decided to post a few looks that I did before I started this blog. I'll try my best to remember what colours I used for the looks!

Valentines Day

This is the look I did on Valentines Day. We didn't go anywhere, just had a nice dinner at home with our Princesses. But it was fun to do a candy-kissed look!
To get his look, I first did the lighter of the purples on the inner corner of my upper lid. I then blended in the darker purple on the remainder of my lid. I carried this same purple to my lower lashline. I used the highlighted pink and blended that into the crease. I then blended in the white as a highlight. I lined my upper and lower lashline with black eyeliner and added mascara. For my cheeks I used a very soft pink and then used bright pink on my lips for a candy look!
The colours used for Valentines Day highlighted in green.
Sideways Sunrise

This look is very similar to my Sunrise look. I used almost the same colours!

I started with yellow on the inner corners on my lid as well as my lower lashline. I then blended orange into the yellow on the top and bottom. Beside the orange I blended in pink and beside the pink I blended in red, on both the top and bottom. I used a beige-yellow for my highlight and blended that from the brow to the crease. Lined with black eyeliner on top and bottom lashlines and mascara.
Purple & Teal!

I love this look! Simple and easy! I just did purple on the top, blending up. Teal on the bottom. I blended a beige-yellow into the purple. Lined upper and lower lashline with black eyeliner, mascara and TADA! I love the way it looks, having a different colour on your bottom lashline.

The colours used for Purple&Teal are highlighted in green.
Going Green

For going green I used two greens on my lid. I did the darker of the two all over my lid and then the lighter of the two in the crease. I blended the beige-yellow colour from the crease up to my brow. I carried the darker green to my lower lashline. As usual, lined upper and lower lashline with black eyeliner. I did a soft pink blush and a light light pink gloss.

The colours used for Going Green are highlighted in green.
Purple Haze

I used a teal and purple colour from my Quo gift set for this look. I did teal all over the lid and did a dark purple on the outer corner, blending to make a 'smokey' look.

Pin-Up Passion

I have no idea what I used for this look. A very neutral look on the eye and then RED lips! I took this picture right after I had dyed my hair red.

Speaking of hair dye, I will be dying my hair (again) during the week! What happened wassssss, I dyed it red like in the above photo. My friend decided to try and go red-red like Rihanna. With her left over dye, I re-dyed my hair to make it a brighter red. It worked ... but only really red on my roots. Bummer. I washed it over and over for a couple of weeks and then dyed it a medium brown. Well, the brown took to all of my hair, except for my BRIGHT RED ROOTS!!! The roots have toned down a little so it doesn't look too crazy (it almost looks like I did it on purpose, haha). I am dying my hair a dark auburn or darker brown next week. I've gotta look good for the St.Patty's Day Stag & Doe we're going to next weekend ;)

This ended up being pretty long. I hope you enjoyed my looks!

XO Doll

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