Thursday, March 10

Sunrise and Colour POP!

Bonjour!I tried to blog last night but my stomach got the best of me. Getting hit with the flu two weeks ago really kicked my a$$! I'm still not up-to-par. Hopefully I feel 100% better SOON.

: To get the thickest, longest lashes I can without using actual false lashes, I use more than one mascara for different looks. For example, I will use Cover Girls LashBlast Fusion with L'Oreals Falsies to get an even more dramatic and full look.

Yesterdays look was created with a sunrise in mind. I used my BH Cosmetics 88 cool shimmer palette (of course) to get this look!


I started with yellow all over my entire lid, slightly blending into the crease. I put yellow on the inner corner of my lower lashline. I blended orange into the crease and also added some in the middle of my lower lashline. I then mixed two pinks from my palette and blended them in slightly above the orange. I carried the same pink to my lower lashline. I used a beige-yellow for my highlight and blended it down into the colour. I lined both the top and bottom lashlines with black eyeliner and pumped up my lashes first with Cover Girl's LashBlast Fusion and then did two coats of  Maybelline's Falsies mascara (my new favorite!) For the rest of the look I just did a soft pink on the cheeks and a clear gloss.
The colours I used for Sunrise are highlighted in green :)

Today I decided to go fairly neutral with a POP of colour!

Colour POP

I used a brown from my palette all over my lid and blended up to get rid of any harsh lines. I then added a touch of gold to the inner third of my lid and blended that with the brown. I lined my lower lashline with a blue eyeliner. I mixed a really bright teal with a darker teal and swept that on my lower lashline. I also dabbed the same teal colour(s) along my waterline (the eyeshadow helps absorb any wetness from your eye). I lined my upper lashline with black liner and put on mascara. For this look I used L'Oreal's Double Extend Eye Illuminator mascara as well as Maybelline's Falsies mascara. Adding the gold shimmer from the Double Extend mascara just adds a little something-something, even though you can't really see it in photos.

The colours I used for Colour POP are highlighted in green :)

I am hoping to enter a Mardi Gras themed makeup contest. I already have a few looks in mind, and we're allowed two submissions. I will post my looks if/when I do them! :)

XO Doll

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