Monday, March 7

Lemon-Lime Time!

Have I told you how anxious I am for summer to arrive? No? Well, I am! Everything about summer is so much fun. The colours. The sunshine. Warm air. Swimming. Walking. Shorts and sandals. My appreciation for summer keeps growing, especially now that we have kids. Do you know how much work it is to get two kids ready to go outdoors in the winter? A LOT of work. By the time I get Korah in to her snowsuit and Leighton squished in to hers (dressing babies for winter = horrid!) Mommy is sweating and cursing under her breath. Summer time on the other hand. No coats, hats, mitts, boots, snowpants. In other words; FREEDOM!

                                            The look I did today is very summer-ish. Lemon-lime! =)

I used my BH Cosmetics 88 cool shimmer palette to create this look.
I swept yellow (lemon) all over my lids and blended up slightly. I then took green (lime) and blended it from the outer corner/crease, inwards, and blended up slightly. I carried the same green to my lower lash line and blended along, starting from the outer corner. I then used a teal to define the crease a little (which, I know you can't really tell - but it adds a slight definition to the lid.) I used a yellowish-white colour and blended from my eyebrows down, and slightly blended in to the green. I used this same colour on the inner corners of my eyes and blended slightly outwards on my lower lashline. To finish up the eyes I used a blue-ish eyeliner on my upper lashline as well as on my lower waterline. Then I added mascara and VOILA! Lemon-lime eyes! For the rest of my face I used an orange-ish coloured blush (Quo) and clear gloss. Fun and fresh!

The colours I used to create this look are circled in green :)

XO Doll

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