Wednesday, February 22

Kids Say the Damndest Things!

Kids sure do same the damndest things!
I decided to note a few of the funny/adorable things Korah has come up with recently (little Leigh Leigh isn't quite 'talking' yet!)

Me: "I really wish I had..."
Korah, cutting me off, "a bunny!? I really want a bunny! They're so cute."
Me: "Hahaha, I was going to say gingerale, but sure."

A few days earlier...

Korah: "Daddy, can we have a bunny? Pleaaaaaase."
Curtis: "No hunny, we have the cats & the dog..."
Korah: "We can get rid of Soot-Minou. He bites anyway."

HAHAHA, wanting to give away our one cat (who will bite if he's p*ssed off enough) so we can get a bunny. Not gonna happen :P

Me: "I want long long hair like yours."
Korah: "You can have long long hair like me. You have to eat a lot. You have to eat a lot of pancakes!"

If only that were the case, I would be eating them everyday!

--That's all I can think of right now. She always keeps us laughing though!

XO Doll

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