Wednesday, February 22

OOTD: Tuesday & Wednesday + some funnies!


I'll start with my OOTD for Tuesday. I was feeling like crap, so I wore something very comfy. FINALLY, after an entire week of feeling like butt, I feel better *knocks on wood!*

Sweater/top/leggings: Suzy Shier
Boots: Zellers

This morning as my husband & I are getting dressed, I pulled out the shirt I was going to wear. He says, "what are you doing?"
Me: "What do you mean? I'm getting dressed..."
Him: "That looks like lingerie, all lace & stuff..."
Me: "Haha, it's just a lace shirt."

I'm not sure why, but this little conversation made me laugh. As if I would wear lingerie to work :P

Top/pants/bracelets: Suzy Shier
Leopard print bangle: Ardene
Leopard&red heels: Walmart

The back of the shirt, which I LOVE :)

Today was full of funny things. Now that i'm actually back to my self, I had energy to laugh, laugh, laugh!

A text conversation with my brother ... HAHAHAHA!

Auto-correct for the win! LOL
Michelle was watching the girls for us while we ran some errands this evening. Korah says to her, after a whole lot of rambling on, "My tongue hurts. It's because I talk so much." Haha, got to love kids!

It's late & as my husband snores on beside me I realize that perhaps I should go to sleep too. Thank God i'm off tomorrow :)

XO Doll

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