Thursday, April 14

Prom Glittery Makeup & Tutorial!

FINALLY. I managed to get a video uploaded to YouTube. I decided to do a "prom look" since prom is quickly approaching!

I'm excited that it finally worked! Yaaaaaaay! I look so horrible on camera ... :-/ Man, I look tired. Ha.

Prom Glittery Makeup

Create This Look!:
I applied bonnebell eyeshadow stick in 14k gold all over my eye area and blended it in. Then, using an Annabelle translucent loose powder, I applied it all over my lids blending up from the crease (the colour is white/pink). Then, using a dark grey (83) from my 88 cool shimmer palette (BH Cosmetics) I "smoked out" my eye, following the natural V-shape of my lid and blending along the crease. I applied black eyeliner to my bottom lashline and went back over it with the same grey used before. I used beige (76) as my filler/highlight, and white (1) for the inner corners of my eyes. I lined my upper lashline with black liner and smudged it out. Now for the glitter! I took a paint brush and applied a little bit of Quo eyelash glue to the end of the brush. I then dipper it into my silver (NYX) glitter powder and dabbed it onto my lids (I put a kleenex under my eye to catch any fall out). I applied the desired amount to my lids and did a little bit along my lower lashline.

For the rest of my face, I just used a bronze colour on my cheeks. On my lips, I did a deep red. Haha, I know my application of that is a little rough - I'm waiting on my actual lip brush to come in - that should make it easier. ;)

Hopefully i'll now be able to upload more videos (even though they take 3 hours to upload, hmph) and do more tutorials!

XO Doll


  1. Your blog has inspired me to order from BH Cosmetics! Excited to have so many colors!

  2. Kasey, that's great! I absolutely love BH! The 88 cool shimmer palette is pretty well the only thing I use these days :P I ordered Spring Bundle Deal #1 and it should be in soooooon, i'm So excited! You'll have to let me know how you like your palette(s) when you get them :D

  3. THAT....was awesome!! I love that your doing this! You should do make up professionally!!
    I can't wait to see MY Navy and Grey tutorial!!! LOL
    Much luv- ]{

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