Thursday, April 14

First YouTube Video... Coming Soon!

Note: I started this blog post on Monday, hense the Happy Birthday singing to my daughter. I am only posting it today (Thursday) which is why it's LONG and has so many looks :) I've been working on tutorials but haven't been able to upload any to YouTube as of yet. I've been having difficulties. The video is too long, not the right format, yadda yadda. I promise I will figure it out SOON so that you will have tutorials to follow :)


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Koraaaaaah.
Happy Birthday to you!

It's hard to believe our little girl is already 3 years old today! Wow. Time definitely flies. Her party was a success on Sunday afternoon. She loved her Ariel cake! :) I'm thinking about starting up another blog that will be devoted to.. well.. just life in general. My kids. Being a parent. That kind of thing. :) That way the Doll House can be strictly for makeup/fashion/shoe talk!

This look was inspired by a flower on Leighton's shirt (which is the same shirt I got my peacock look from).

Create This Look!:
I started by applying pink (13) to the inner corner of my lids. I then applied green (44) to the rest of my lids, blending in with the pink. I also carried the green to my bottom lashline. I then took orange (14) and applied that colour to the crease. Once the orange was applied, I then took the green and brought it out to line under the orange. I lined the upper and lower lashlines with black. I used white (1) for my filler/highlight. On my cheeks I used the bubble gum pink from my Quo blush palette. I just did a clear gloss on my lips.

For this look I decided to do a gold and red/copper look. It's very rich, would be great for going out, especially around the Holiday's (haha!)

Create This Look!:
I took a gold shadow from an Annabelle duo that I have, and applied it the the center of my lids. I then took a black shadow (that had gold flecks in it - part of the Annabelle duo) and applied that to the inner and outer corner of my lids. I took this same black and lined under my eye. I then took a red/copper colour (87) and applied it over top of where I applied the black shadow on my lid, blending up. I then added a bit more gold to match the height of the red and slightly blended everything together in the crease. I used white (1) for my highlight. I lined my upper and lower lashlines, as well as my water line, and added black shadow on my water line as well.

Yellow & Pink!
This was a really fun look. Nice and bright! I used a bubble gum pink blush (Quo) and candy pink gloss on my lips. Fun, candy kissed look :)

Create This Look!:

I started by applying yellow (7) on my entire lid. I carried the yellow to my lower lashline as well. I then took pink (13) and applied the colour to the outer corners of my eyes in no particular shape, just dabbed it on and slightly blended with the yellow. For my highlight I used white (1). I lined my upper and lower lashlines with black.

Lemon, Lime, Forest
On my cheeks I used a rose coloured blush and on my lips I did a clear gloss. I love working with yellow and green!

Create This Look!:
Start by applying yellow (7) to the inner corners of your eyes, carrying the colour down to the inner corner of your lower lashline. Then, apply a bright green (44) to the middle of your eye, slightly blending with the yellow. Taking a dark forest green (48) apply to the outer corner of your lids, and applying in a circular motion blend with the bright green and along the crease. Carry this same green to your lower lashline. Line your water liner, upper and lower lashlines with a dark green liner (going over the water line with the forest green shadow). For highlight mix white (1) and pale yellow (2). I also brought the highlight colour to the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up a little.

Smokey Gold & Purple.
For blush I mixed a pink & merlot colour. I did a clear gloss on my lips. This is a great look for a night out, whether it be to dinner or out dancing. Smokey eyes are always a winner.

Create This Look!:
I used gold (from my Annabelle duo) and applied it all over my lid. I then took a purple/wine colour (2) and applied it all over my lid, blending up. I carried this colour to my lower lashline. I used black (Annabelle duo) and following the natural V-shape of my lids, blended in in a circular motion - slightly blending along the crease. This creates a "smokey" effect. I carried the black to the outer 1/3 of my lower lashline. I lined my waterline, upper and lower lashlines with black liner and went back over my water line with black shadow.

Sorry it's so long. I hope you enjoyed these looks! Stay tuned for tutorials :) Hopefully I can get things figured out! Haha.

XO Doll

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