Monday, April 18

Tutorials, Tutorials!

I apologize for slacking in the blog department! I underestimated how much time and effort it took to film tutorials, edit, and get them uploaded! I have two new tutorials for you guys! I've decided that so long as I have a tutorial to go with a look, i'm not longer going to do a "Create This Look!" part in my blog posts (since you can see how I do it during my tutorial, hehe). I have to say, though, that I am really enjoying myself!

Now, I hadn't blogged about it all weekend, but on Friday I got my BH Cosmetics package delivered to my door!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I was SO excited!
Side note: I also got my glasses in! YAY all around!
I am so in love with my new BH products! Love <3 The palettes are even better then I thought they would be, and the brush set is AH-MAZING. Both tutorials I have for you today are done with the 120 1st & 2nd Edition. I also have two haul videos on their way (BH Cosmetics & Zennioptical). I hope you all enjoy! :)

Smokey navy, grey, & pink

Shout out -- This one's for you, Ky! :) If you want it a little less dramatic, use a lighter grey and don't bring the navy above the crease. You can also forgo lining your water line!

Yellow & Teal

Mah new glasses: Pair #1 (my FAVORITE pair ... leopard print, baby!)

I hope you all enjoyed. Stay tuned for my two haul videos! :D

XO Doll

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