Thursday, April 7

Playing Dress Up

After almost two years of hanging in the closet, I put my wedding gown on today. I have to say that I love it just as much now as I did when I wore it to walk down the aisle <3 I still feel like a princess in it! :) I've decided to sell my dress. It's just sitting there, collecting dust (figuratively). I want someone else to have the chance to wear it, and feel the way I did on our wedding day - absolutely beautiful. :)

No biggie!... Just what I do for fun ;)

Mommy & her assistant :P ------->

"Mommy, your dress is beautiful! You're perfect, Mommy. Perfect!"

One day my little girl will be dressed like a Princess like this too <3

There's something about weddings that gets me all emotional (as if I wasn't already emotional to begin with, haha!) Knowing that two people feel the way Curtis and I felt on our wedding day makes me really happy! :) If I could, I would be a wedding planner OR open up a bridal boutique. Being surrounded by everything wedding would make me one ridiculously happy Mama! Just ask my friends :P Haha.

Our wedding day was perfect. I wish I could go back and do it again. It will be two years in June <3 I hate to boast, but I really do have an amazing husband! :)

^^^ Those are probably my four favorite pictures from our wedding day. I have all four of them framed, hanging on our walls in the living room. :)

Ok, i'm done. And so are the banana-chocolate chip muffins i'm baking. Yummo!

XO Doll

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