Thursday, April 7

Green With Envy.....

.....just kidding! Definitely not green with envy, but green nonetheless! Since Easter is coming I decided to use a pastel-ish green for this look. Pretty simple! :)

Create This Look!:
I took green (49) and applied it all over my lid, also carrying it to my lower lashline. I blended up slightly to erase any harsh lines. I then took a dark gray (85) and in the natural V-shape of the outer corner of my eyes, applied it in a circular motion, slightly blending into the crease as well as down under the outer part of my lower lashline. I used a soft green (33 - it looks almost white) for my highlight and also applied that colour to the inner corners of my eyes. I used a gray liner for my top and bottom lashlines, as well as my water line - going back over the waterline with the dark gray shadow. I used CG and MF mascara. On my cheeks I used Jordana blush in sunlit bronze and a neutral gloss on my lips.

So, guess whaaaaaat!? I finally ordered the Spring bundle deal from BH Cosmetics that i've been wanting for weeks! My husband gave me the a-ok to order it. He was tired of hearing me talk about it! Haha. With the bundle I am getting the 120-palette 1st edition, 120-palette 2nd edition, 10-piece makeup brush set, 10-colour camouflage and concealer palette, contour and blush palette, and a 66 lip colour palette. I AM STOKED!!! I can't wait to start experimenting with new colours, matte colours, more colours! I also ordered myself some new glasses today. For those of you who wear glasses, you must check out! Thousands of glasses for ridiculously cheap! I ordered myself 3 pairs, as well as a pair for Curtis, and with shipping my order only came to $52! Amazing. Curtis already has a pair of glasses from the site (along with Michelle and her boyfriend, Dan) so the site is legit and the quality is pretty good. Go check it out! :D

We're having Korah's birthday party on Sunday. I can't believe she's already 3 on Monday! :( Time needs to slow down a little. She keeps requesting an Ariel birthday cake, so that's what i'm going to attempt! We're decorating 'Princess' theme. I'm so excited to get their playhouse made this summer (Curtis and I, my parents, and Curtis' Dad are pitching in and my Dad is building the girls a playhouse as a joint gift). I wonder who will like it more? The girls or Mommy! Haha.

XO Doll

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  1. OMG! I JUST realized that I'll be able to totally recreate some of your looks with my palette! lol I'm excited! :p