Sunday, June 17

Few & Far Between...

So, I know I barely blog anymore. Life has just been SO busy. My blog posts & tutorials have been few & far between. BUT, i'm here today with another blog post with a couple of my outfit's of the day :)

She's gone Countreh!
I would like to note that I didn't wear the shorts all day. I changed in to capris & brown wedge boots :)
Shirt(s): Suzy Shier
Shorts: Eclipse

Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Suzy Shier
Shrug: Walmart
Sandals: Spring!

A little tie-dye!
Outfit: Suzy Shier!
Favorite part of the shirt: the lace in the back :)
Friday Brights!
Outfit: SUZY SHIER (haha)

Oh yeah; I dyed my hair & cut it short :P Haha.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

XO Doll

Slouchy Sunday!
Sweater & Capri: Suzy Shier
Boots: Walmart


  1. Love these!! Especially the black sweater-off the shoulder, LOVE IT!!! Look cute as always!!
    Was great seeing you; if you ever come to Sudbury you'll need to let me know!!
    I'll be heading back up to Timmins in August :) so maybe we could get together than xo

  2. Thanks hunny :)
    We should definitely get together when you're back in August! Have a night out :) Hope all is well - thanks for the ongoing support with my blog! xo