Tuesday, May 1

The Great Hair Debate!

I'm at it again; torn between leaving my hair ALONE or cutting AND dying it. I go through this over & over & over. Red - blonde - brunette - blonde - red. My natural hair colour is a dark auburn, so that is the colour my hair has been for quite some time. Back in November I decided to add some blonde highlights & the hairdresser completely FRIED my hair. I was devistated. It's finally back to looking & feeling healthy (although i'm sure there is still breakage as I refused to chop my hair ALL off). I love my hair this auburn colour, but with summer coming it would be nice to go light. REALLY light.

This is the cut & colour I dream of :-P

I am just in LOVE with this look. I've had very similar styles/colours in the past.

Blonde elevated bob.
I had this a few summers ago =)

My current hair colour; auburn!

What to do, what to do?

XO Doll

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