Tuesday, August 2

Lemon-Lime (Re-Do) -- wearable look.

I did a tutorial on a look that I had already featured on here. The look was called Lemon-Lime, but this time I did a more subtle/wearable version of the look. Since the colours are pretty for summer I figured it would be a good addition to my Summer Collection :)

Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYryD5ohnhc

I started uploading this tutorial closer to midnight last night, which means the video was uploaded probably around 3am or something like that (it takes forEVER to upload!) I've noticed that every time I upload a video (if I don't take the rating setting off) somebody "dislikes" my video within a few hours of it being uploaded. This is fine; some people are going to like what I do, some people aren't. However, I never get any feedback as to why they dislike the video(s). So, if you're reading this & you're the one disliking every video, please tell me why. I can take constructive criticism & having an opinion or suggestions will only help me help make my videos better :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I'm still working on staying in the shot while i'm filming zoomed in. I'm getting better (sort of, haha). The angle i'm at, the camera is pointing down at me & I have to look down slightly to see into my mirror. Hence being out of the shot sometimes. Hopefully i'll get use to it :P

XO Doll

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