Thursday, June 23

I'm Still Alive! :)

So, it's been for-ever since i've blogged or done a tutorial. Life got a little hectic in the last little while (nothing bad, just busy!)

My girlfriends & I were recently in Toronto (ON) & did some shopping (yay!) I filmed a haul video on all of the goodies I purchased :D The reason we went to Toronto was to see New Kids On the Block & BACKSTREET BOYS in concert. It. Was. AMAZING! Oh my God, I can't even tell you how awesome the concert was. I've been a BSB fan since I was 8 years old (yes, that's going on 17 years!) but never listened to NKOTB. Let me tell you that I am now a NKOTB fan!

I will be doing another summer collection tutorial very soon. I'm back to work Monday after being off for almost 14 months (sick leave & then maternity leave). I can't believe our baby is going to be a year old (tomorrow)! It makes me really sad :(

I hope you enjoy the haul video :) Sorry it's a little on the long side. Stay tuned for a new tutorial, coming soon!

Haul Video:

XO Doll

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